How to disassemble and move a pool table?

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    Having a pool table is interesting. They are a great addition to any home, and a lot of people love them. But what happens when you need to move? A lot of people get confused when they face the issues of relocating a pool table. Can you disassemble and move a pool table? How hard is it? Can you do it on your own? Or should you look for an Upper East Side moving company that can help you with the relocation of a pool table? With our simple guide, you will make the right decision!

    If you want to disassemble and move a pool table – you will need help!

    Pool tables are large and heavy. They are not easy to move and you will need assistance. And when it comes to disassembling them, you will definitely need help. And doing all of that on your own is a bad idea, and you will potentially damage the pool table. You should ask some friends or family members to assist you. Depending on the size of the pool table you might need even 5 or 6 people to assist you. Of course, you always can search for packing and moving companies NYC that can do all the heavy lifting for you. If you are unsure and you don’t have all the tools, it is better to call professionals.

    pool table with balls
    Pool tables are heavy, so you will need help to disassemble it

    Safety is important

    When you are packing and moving bulky items like a pool table, you need to take extra precautions. You should make sure that you have the right equipment, and that you have enough people to assist you. Also, wearing protective glasses and gloves is a good idea. Disassembling and relocating a pool table is a long and complicated task, and you need to do your best to protect yourself. Also, one of the important things is to make sure that you are using high-quality packing materials that will ensure the safety of all the parts.

    Before you start dismantling a pool table for the move gather all the tools

    If you decided to move your pool table on your own, you need to gather some tools so you can do it as easily as possible. You will need:

    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Wrench
    • Staple puller
    • Drill with a screwdriver bit

    When you are preparing your tools for relocation, make sure to leave these basic tools. You will need them to take your pool table apart so you can relocate it.

    Start by taking out staples

    The first step to disassemble and move a pool table is to use a staple puller or a flathead screwdriver and carefully remove all the staples that are holding the drop pockets. As we mentioned, you need to have protective glasses so you can easily do this part of disassembling a pool table. After you have done this, you need to pack all the staples in a box and label it correctly. You need to make the packing process easy, so you can unpack easily as well. And properly and clearly labeled moving boxes will help with that a lot!

    room with a pool table
    Having a pool table is fun, and with some help, you can easily move it

    Unscrew side rail bolts

    Your next step that might not be easy is to remove side rails. Using your wrench you need to remove the bolts, and depending on the type of your pool table the side rails might be in one or multiple pieces. Usually, there are 3 bolts per rail. Be careful once you have done this to sort the bolts and the rails, and to pack them into separate moving boxes. You need to be really careful while you do this, to avoid any possible injury.

    One of the steps to disassemble and move a pool table is to remove the felt

    One of the last steps that are time-consuming is removing the felt. This is a sensitive task, and you need to be patient. You need to remove the felt when you are disassembling a pool table for relocation so you can get to the slate. The felt is usually secured with glue or staples. If the felt is secured with glue you need to start in one corner and slowly start pulling the felt. In case the felt is secured with staples, you will need a staple puller or needle-nose pliers to remove them. Either way, you will have to do it slowly and carefully.

    Removing the slate is a hard part of disassembling a pool table

    If you thought that you do not need help and that you can do this on your own – this the step that requires help. The slate can weigh as much as 450 pounds. And if the slate on your pool table is in one piece, you will definitely need help. Before you lift the slate, you will need to unscrew it. The best tool that you can use is a drill with a screwdriver bit. Usually, there will be one screw in each corner of the slate. Although depending on the model there might be more screws. Either way, make sure to safely store all the screws so you can easily reassemble the pool table in your new home.

    drill with bits
    You will need a drill to remove the slate

    The last step is removing the legs

    So, the last and final step in disassembling a table for the move is removing the legs. If you have done everything before properly, this will be an easy task. They are usually just attached to the body of the pool table.

    Disassembling and moving a pool table is not easy

    As you can see, if you want to disassemble and move a pool table on your own it will take you time and effort. It is a rather sensitive task, and you need to be extra careful. On the plus side, you will learn a lot about yourself during the relocation and this process. You will learn to think on the go and to multitask. And, if all these seem a little bit too much you can freely call some of the most reliable moving companies in NYC and ask them for assistance. You will prevent any possible damage and save yourself time and strength.

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