How to clean your home before moving out?

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    You’ve completed all the moving tasks and now have to clean instead of relaxing? Don’t be lazy! Did you know that if you clean your home before moving out, you can get a security deposit back? Moreover, you can make your home fresh and more attractive for potential buyers. Since there are many benefits to cleaning your home before moving to a new one, you better start early with that! And to make sure you’re going to clean your home like a pro, we’ll give you some useful tips! Our tips are easy to follow and if you want to start cleaning before moving day, but you need space to store household safely, choose Manhattan storage units.

    Why clean your home before moving out?

    The first answer to this question is – real estate purchase contracts require you to clean your home if you’re selling it. But you don’t have to clean the smallest details. A general rule is to sweep the floors and leave the walls bare at least. This way, your home will look more attractive to potential buyers. If you have to clean your home before moving out as a tenant, this can get you a security deposit back! Besides, imagine how you would feel if you found your new home in a complete mess and dirt? The situation is awful, but if the previous tenant wasn’t lazy, you wouldn’t be in that situation. While you’re cleaning, hire Clinton moving company to relocate your household safely.

    cleaning art
    Want to get your security deposit back? Start cleaning!

    Start as early as possible, but clean thoroughly when moving boxes are outside

    If you want to clean your home before moving out, you better start as soon as possible. If you’re not good at working under pressure, take enough time to clean at least something before the move.  Consider taking one weekend to start cleaning if you have a large home. But, clean thoroughly your home, especially the floors and windows, when most moving boxes are loaded onto the moving truck. While you’re renovating or cleaning your home before moving, you need to find a safe place to store your things, or moving boxes. See what are the benefits of renting climate-controlled storage in Manhattan.

    Gather cleaning supplies and appliances

    Before you start to clean your home before moving out, gather cleaning products and supplies. This may seem obvious considering how many times you’ve cleaned the house, but in a moving rush, you can easily forget to buy something. The following are some common supplies and appliances you’ll need:

    • broom
    • mop
    • sweeper
    • vacuum cleaner
    • brushes
    • disinfectants
    • duster
    • white vinegar
    • baking soda
    • glass cleaner sprays
    • rubber gloves
    • plastic bucket
    • trash bag
    broom and cleaning tools
    Find appropriate cleaning products and appliances to clean your home before moving out.

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    Perform one task at a time

    Most people are bothered by whether they should clean task-by-task or room-by-room. Which one is the faster strategy? We have to admit, if you’re going to clean your home before moving out, task-by-task is a much faster and more efficient strategy. Instead of cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and moping room by room, start with dusting all surfaces in your home. As a result, you’ll complete task by task every day. Today – the dusting. Tomorrow – the floors. This weekend – cleaning the windows. Easy and fast.

    Do dry cleaning tasks first

    So, what are the most important tasks? Which one to complete first? The experts say – “dry” cleaning tasks first! They include dusting, vacuuming and sweeping. Just think logically. There is no point in moping the floors and wiping the surfaces if there is still dirt and dust on them.

    What surfaces to clean first?

    There are some essential areas you should clean in your home. Generally speaking, those are the most important cleaning tasks you should complete before moving out. First, make sure to remove the dust and cobwebs. Then, clean the floors. Start with vacuuming the carpets and removing stains. Sweep all tiles in your house and hardwood floors but mop them and make sure they’re dry. Don’t forget to remove nails, hooks, stains, marks, scratches, and decorations from the walls. Vacuum or wash all wall and ceiling vents. And if there are some marks use specialized products to remove them. Also, buy a quality glass cleaner and wash all the windows and mirrors in your home.

    a man cleaning his home before moving out
    Windows are one of the essential things to clean in all rooms before moving out.

    How to clean the kitchen

    When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, you need to clean everything that remains after you’ve loaded the moving boxes. So, clean the countertops with warm and soapy water and disinfect them. Make sure there are no marks, stains and mold. Empty all cabinets and drawers and clean them. Then scrub the sink and faucets with a cleaning product, or use chlorine-free bleach to make them look like new. If you want, put some slices of lemon, some salt and/or ice cubes in the garbage disposal and get rid of unpleasant odors. And if you’re leaving some appliances behind, let them be empty and disinfected. Just empty, defrost and clean the fridge and wipe the appliance with soapy water. When you finish all, clean the floor.

    sink cleaning
    Cleaning the kitchen is not just about aesthetics and beauty. It’s about maintaining hygiene at a high level.

    What to clean in the bathroom

    The bathroom is also the most important room to clean before moving out. It’s the place where we take care of our hygiene, so sanitation needs to be on a high level. If you’re taking care of yourselves, show that to others. Don’t let them move in and find a dirty and disgusting bathroom. Take one day to scrub the tiles with a cleaner (one that contains bleach) and rinse them well. Then, clean the tub and a shower. Make sure to remove soap scum and possible mold growth (you may need to wash or replace the shower curtain, too). You can use some disinfectant product to rinse the surfaces and apply a paste of baking soda and vinegar to glass surfaces. Also, sanitize the toilet bowl, tank, and seat. And once you’re finished, scrub and mop the bathroom floor.

    Other important things to clean

    Of course, there are many important things to clean before moving out. Yes, we have already mentioned the most important ones, but consider the following, too. Clean fireplace of ashes and debris if you have it in your living room. Don’t forget to empty wastebaskets and take trash after cleaning your home. Make sure to wipe down air conditioners and vents. And if you have a garage, attic or basement, take some extra time to clean them thoroughly. If you’re not familiar with those tips for deep cleaning your apartment before moving out, hire a cleaning service.

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