How to break the news about your long-distance move?

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    Long-distance relocations will bring a lot of changes to your life. Many people only think about the change of address and the city they live in or about the packing, unpacking, etc. These things are important, but you should not forget about your family and friends. You need to take your time and break the news about your long-distance move to your loved ones. You do not want to catch them off guard with the news right before you move.

    Talk to your family when you decide to relocate

    The first people you need to inform about your long-distance move is your family. This is a huge decision not only for you. This is why you have to consult with your family about your relocation. They might have some thoughts about the whole process.  You obviously need to talk to your partner about the relocation first. Afterwards, you need to talk to your parents or siblings. You do not want these news to come out of nowhere since it will hurt them emotionally. This task is going to be emotional but it is not the hardest part of the relocation. The hardest part of the relocation is the actual relocation preparations you need to do. If you think you can’t do this on your own, then look for Manhattan moving companies. This way you will have more time to spend with people that are important to you.

    Be sure you break the news about your long-distance move to your kids

    It is very hard to break the news about your long-distance move to your kids. They are a whole other story than the rest of the family. This is because they have friends they do not want to leave behind. This is why you need to be gentle about the whole topic. Make sure you explain why the relocation is necessary. Do not expect your kids to accept the idea instantly. This will take some time so be sure you tell them early. If you want to have your kids on board, you need to involve them in the preparations. This is one of the tricks when moving as a single parent. You should not let them lift anything heavy or give them anything sharp. Let them pack some of their toys or clothes. This way they will have an easier time accepting the relocation since they are active participants.

    a child in the park
    Make sure you talk to your kids about the relocation

    Break the news about your long-distance move privately

    There are many people that are very emotional. If your loved ones are emotional they might not handle the news about your relocation well at first. This is why you should not break the news about your long-distance move in a public setting. If you do this in public and the person starts crying or they look very sad or angry you will be in an awkward situation.

    Public space,do not break the news about your long-distance move in a public space
    Talk to your loved ones privately when about to break the news about the relocation

    Do not make an online announcement early

    Many people think that it is a good idea to announce their relocation on social media as early as possible. You should not do this before you break the news about your long-distance move to your most important people. And no, you do not have to tell everyone you know personally. That one guy you knew in your high school will not care if you do not tell him about your relocation personally. But, if you announce your relocation on a social media site before you tell your family member or your best friends you will hurt their feelings. You can use the internet to announce a housewarming party after you move into your new home. Again, you should invite the people that are most important to you first.

    Social media, do not use social media to break the news about your long-distance move
    If you use the social media to make an announcement before you tell your loved ones about relocation someone will get hurt

    Ask your friends and family for help

    When you finally tell your loved ones about your relocation you should ask them for help. Relocation is a hard task that no one should do alone. After you tell them about your move you should ask them to help you out. This is a great way to make your relocation easier. You will need some simple refreshments and some food and you will be good to go. This will reduce your moving stress since you are hanging out with your friends while you move. It will also help them accept the fact that you are moving. But friends are not the best option for every moving task. They might hurt themselves while they move heavy items or fragile items. When moving these types of items hire Upper Manhattan movers. This way you will lower the risk for your friends, yourself and your things.

    You can always ask your friends to help you relocate

    When you plan to move long distance, you also need to prepare to tell your loved ones about your decision. Some people might have a hard time accepting this fact and you need to be there for them if you want them to be there for you. Just be sure you tell everyone about this decision early since you do not want to surprise anyone. This might ruin a relationship with the person that did not get the news early enough and no one wants that. You can worry about the moving preparations later, for starters talk to your loved ones. You might even get help from the friends and family you informed about your relocation.

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