How to be a good neighbor when moving house

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    Moving house in Manhattan is not a simple thing to do. Streets are busy and neighborhoods are crowded. To be a good neighbor when moving house, you have to be aware of the people living near you. Not only should you hire a reputable NoMad moving company but also you ought to have good organizational and planning skills. Here are some useful tips on how to pass that exam and leave pleasant memories about yourself to your neighbors. 

    Being a good neighbor when moving house is…

    It is a moral obligation of every person. Relocation is a demanding activity that can impact negatively on your neighbors’ peace and quiet. It can become noisy, make crowds, and damage other people’s plans. For that reason, a good neighbor on a moving day won’t let anything pass randomly. You don’t have to walk on the tips of your toes while moving furniture, but informing the neighbors is the least you can do. 

    Hire professionals in order not to waste time

    If you ask us, we always recommend that you hire a professional moving company. Especially when you live in a busy Manhattan street. The main advantages of getting assistance from one of the agencies for moving and packing services NYC can offer are as follows:

    • it saves your time and nerves
    • your friends and family don’t have to bother helping 
    • packing and carrying your belongings by yourself is avoided
    • you can focus on other things, such as how to be a good neighbor on a moving day
    • it definitely makes your life easier
    a man next to moving boxes
    Get some professional moving and packing assistance.

    Moving as a cool neighbor requires good timing 

    Weekends are relaxing and chilling days for almost everyone. That means lots of people want to stay at home. Moreover, many of them throw parties, have celebrations, and need more parking lots than on a normal day. Imagine then that you and your moving trucks block several parking places and the doorways into the building. 

    Therefore, you should plan your moving day to be on weekdays. That’s one way to be a good neighbor when moving house, cause most people are at work then. Thus, it is highly unlikely that they will experience any inconvenience. When your local NYC movers arrive during business hours, there will probably be enough parking places in residential areas. So you won’t have to worry about taking too much space. 

    Inform your neighbors about the relocation

    You can’t just bump into the building with your movers. Giving an early notification to other people living near you is a good way to prove yourself as a good neighbor on a moving day and in general. Remember that others have their own plans as well. Some of them might be celebrating something. 

    By letting your neighbors know you are moving house on that and that day, you will be certain that all steps will be taken to avoid any misunderstandings. Most of them won’t make a fuss about it if they know in advance. 

    Keep it legit as a good neighbor on a moving day

    If the moving truck is going to park on the street, you will have to obtain certain permissions. Respect the parking regulations and determiner if it is going to block anyone’s driveway or passage. What can transform you into a really good neighbor on a moving day is an attempt not to block anyone’s access. Otherwise, make it legal by finishing paperwork and legitimate by talking to anyone who may feel the consequences of your move.

    People talking and smiling
    Explain everything about your move to the neighbors. Do that on time.

    Say goodbye like a good neighbor when moving house

    Don’t leave a kind goodbye for the moving day. For one thing, that’s not fair. For another thing, you might not have so much time to tell everyone about it at the last moment. Some of them may have become your friends, so they should know in advance that you are leaving the place. 

    It is always a great idea to have a goodbye party. You can invite your neighbors and enjoy with them. They will remember your kindness and you will be moving as a cool neighbor when the day comes. If you welcome them cordially, even the less close ones may understand better and not grumble about the problems caused while you are relocating. 

    Keep it clean and tidy

    Once all the packing and truck-loading has finished, don’t leave the place dirty. In order to be a good neighbor on a moving day, you should clean everything. That doesn’t mean the old apartment solely. You must clean the hallways and driveways too. It is essential that you throw away all the garbage in the right place. Separate the recyclables and dispose of them to take care of the environment as well.  

    As a good neighbor when moving house, this man is cleaning windows
    You should clean the mess after the relocation.

    Don’t forget about your new neighbors

    Behaving well when arriving at a new place of living is just as important as when leaving the old one. Here are some must-do steps for you to take:

    • notify the new neighbors before coming there with the movers
    • obtain the necessary permissions and reserve the parking lots
    • unload the truck and move the belongings in your apartment easily
    • be a good neighbor when moving house and say hello to the new people
    • clean the venue after moving in 
    • throw a housewarming party to get to know your new neighbors 
    • socialize with some of them more often

    Well, the main idea is that when you treat someone in a polite way, you can expect them to respond to you with a similar treatment. As if relocation isn’t stressful enough, do you really need more issues by being rude or impolite to others? Behaving like a good neighbor when moving house will just make the process easier. They will remember you as a cool and kind person. After all, a bit of kindness is never too much for this crazy world!

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