How to add value to your apartment

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    Working with real estate is often a hard and demanding profession. Not only do realtors need to look into houses to sell, but they often need to figure out ways in which they can make a house better. However, you can do the same when selling your apartment. And even though you will not have as much experience as a real estate agent or professional movers, this job might be easier for you. After all, you only have one house or apartment to deal with. So, what can you do to your apartment so that its selling cost goes up? Are there only heavy renovation projects to take up? Or can you do some successful work with simple DIY tips and tricks? In this article, you will find different ways in which you can add value to your apartment. Who knows? Maybe your next renovation idea is waiting for you!

    What to pay attention to

    There are a lot of things you can do to ensure your apartment’s value goes up. From the big renovations that can take weeks or months to complete and involve workers and carpenters, to the small ones which will only require you to get one item – there is quite a lot to pick from. And just like there are no two homes that are alike, so these ways differ too. However, there are certain things that we can apply to every home. So, what are the things that you should look into? Well:

    • You can start to add value to your apartment by working on your kitchen and bathroom.
    • Fixing the lighting in your apartment, as well as improving it, will go a long way to boost your apartment.
    • Switching to green energy is also beneficial for every apartment owner.

    Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom

    First, let’s start our small renovation with your kitchen and bathroom. People often overlook these rooms, because they put a lot of attention to living and dining, as well as bedrooms. However, there are many tiny things that you can change in your kitchen and your bathroom that will add value to your apartment. These apply both to the aesthetics and to the functionality itself, which is a win-win situation.

    A door knob.
    Find interesting looking knobs.

    First, you replace smaller details in these rooms. Start with the doorknobs and the taps. You can put some expensive looking knobs on the cabinets and counters, and they will give off an air of glamour to your rooms. Putting modern taps instead of the ones you had before will freshen up the room even more. These are both effective yet cheap improvements you can add yourself.

    When it comes to the renovations you might need to call your Chelsea moving company for, things are just as simple. First, think about replacing your kitchen tops for new ones. Granite, for example, works well with everything. It is also nice to clean and just looks pleasing. Because of this, it is sure to add value to your apartment. When it comes to changing up some colors, think about repainting your cabinets as well as your tiles. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is enough – no need to replace them at all!

    Adding more light will add value to your apartment

    Another thing that you can play with to great results is the lighting. Get the lighting just right and you will make your apartment look bigger. Bigger apartments will, in turn, sell for more, so you are gaining profit with easy hacks. However, there are both cheap and expensive ways to bring more light into your living space, so consider both.

    A light bulb.
    Lighting can be quite useful.

    First, you can use mirrors to make space seem bigger. Not only do they add depth, but mirrors also reflect light. Place a big mirror across the room from the biggest window, and you will be brightening up the room in an easy way. Another thing that you should look into is the curtains you are using. Lighter, thinner curtains will let more light through them. Finally, think about investing in floor lamps for the corners that the natural light cannot really reach. And when it comes to the expensive projects – getting bigger windows is always an idea when all the others fail.

    Try to go green as much as possible

    When renovating your home, you should also try to be eco-friendly as much as possible. Not only will this add value to your apartment, but it is important for the future of our planet. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to go green in your apartment.

    Solar panels are a great way to add value to your apartment.
    Installing solar panels can be useful.

    For example, you can replace all your regular lights with LED lights. For the outdoor lighting, you can add a timer or a sensor to them. This way, they will only turn on when someone is walking by them, or at a certain point during the night. A lot of Manhattan storage units are also using these techniques in order to save energy. And even though some of these upgrades might seem costly, you will also be saving money along with the energy in the long run.

    Another thing that you can look into is how you are heating the water in your apartment. Sometimes, this can amount to 40-60 percent of the electricity bill. As you can see, this is quite a significant number! So, switching to solar heating, or getting special blankets which go around the water cylinder and pipes. Finally, just controlling the water usage will go a long way when you want to add value to your apartment.

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