How stressful is moving with a newborn

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    If you are moving with a newborn, the first thing that you need to be aware of is that this is not an easy task. Yes, you can hear people talking about it, how easy it is and how you simply ought to find someone to take care of your kid while you are moving. This is very sugar-coated, and it has little to do with real-life situations. We do not want to scare you or anything similar, we just want to make this journey for you as easy as it is possible. One of the best companies that you can hire for your move is Chelsea moving company so that you can focus all of your attention on moving with a newborn.

    Moving with a newborn- how to do this?

    It is a completely legit question to ask, how to move with a newborn. It is not that common when we talk about transportation, but all the preparation for the move may seem way more difficult with a newborn. Moving is stressful as it is, but when you have a newborn, things can get a lot more complicated. We are done worrying, let’s find a solution to this. It may be stressful, but with some tips and tricks, it will be fast and most importantly safe. Firstly, you need to have someone who will deal with the decluttering of your home. When it comes to clothes, this is something that you can do, while your newborn is sleeping there, near you, while you are deciding what to throw or sell and what to keep.

    cute dressed baby
    Make sure you do not pack things you do not need

    However, when it comes to furniture, for example, having someone to take care of this for you is the way to go. You can always call and rent one of the storage facilities in Manhattan, but having someone to move the furniture you don’t want right now there is necessary.

    Pack properly

    Moving with a newborn can bring about an unexpected turn of events. That is why you have to be prepared. By packing properly, you won’t have to worry about anything. Have an overnight bag for the baby and for yourself. This bag should contain the following items:

    • Diapers
    • Pacifier
    • Change of clothes
    • Wipes
    • Baby powder
    • Have your pediatrician on speed dial
    • Baby food
    baby's feet
    It is important to have baby’s essentials close to yourself

    This definitely means that you need a big bag, but this is what you have to do. You need to pack an overnight bag for yourself as well for the first night in your new home:

    • Toothpaste and a toothbrush
    • Hairbrush
    • Change of clothes
    • Pajamas
    • A towel
    • Toiletries

    Having a newborn means that you don’t have a lot of time for yourself, therefore having an overnight bag for you can be extremely useful.

    Moving with a newborn – should you postpone it?

    You may think at one point that this is too hard and maybe right now it is not the best time to move. Maybe if you wait a little bit for your child to grow. Babies are very fragile and it is absolutely normal that you may wonder this. However, this should not stop you. Grandparents are there to help. Or friends or loving aunts. If it seems too much at one point to deal with, go ask them for help. A newborn needs parents nearby, but somebody can take care of him for at least a couple of hours until you figure some things out regarding the move, transportation, packing, etc. If you are moving to New York without a job, then at least you will have enough time to spend some time with your child. Always look at the positive side of things.

    Will this move affect your baby?

    If you are wondering if this move will affect your baby, you need to know the following. When you have a newborn, by following the steps we have already mentioned so far all should be good. However, if you are moving with an older child, especially if you do so frequently, then your child may develop some issues in the future. Issues like bonding with school friends. It is not easy to make new friends every single time you move. There are other issues as well, that a child may have during adolescent years that you may want to try to avoid. A child needs stability and frequent moving is anything but stable.

    smiling baby
    It is important to keep your child safe and away from any stress

    How to settle in with a newborn?

    This one is easy. Settling into a new home with a newborn is not that hard. As newborns are not aware of the move, and if everything goes well during relocation, you will have absolutely no problem while settling in. However, what can be a really good thing to do is to prepare everything before you start a new life in your new home with your newborn. It is never too soon to find a good preschool and school. Also a daycare, especially if you need to have someone watching your child while you are at work. So, plan ahead, think in advance, think about yourself and your needs as well in order to settle in with your newborn.

    Moving in general can be a really stressful process. Finding the right moving company, packing, getting the packing material, transportation, checklists. So much work and so little time. Moving with a newborn is even harder, that is why you should make a more solid plan. Start on time, have a checklist, set your priorities and act accordingly. By sticking to a predefined plan you will keep moving troubles at bay for sure.

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