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    The coronavirus lockdown has taught us that a great deal of business can be done at home. A large number of people have shifted work to their houses and apartments. Besides, the world has seen a dramatic rise in the number of freelancers. Are you one of them? Have you found a new place of living, hired some of the local movers Manhattan has in its range and moved in there? Are you looking for the best home office design tips? You have come to the right place. We can help you with our precious advice. 

    If you are about to move to a new home

    Are you still planning your relocation? Then, you should look for a place that has one spare room for your office. This is a perfect opportunity to find the right apartment or house and design your new home office the way you want. Carefully choose which belongings you are going to move. Then, get some quality moving boxes Manhattan suppliers can offer and pack everything safely. Besides, mind the size of the new office as not the whole stuff might fit. You can also buy some new items. 

    The view as a part of home office design
    The view from the window is really important. Make use of it if possible.

    If you just want a new home office design

    In case you are not going to relocate, you might wish to refresh your home workspace design. You can paint the walls, change the furniture, rearrange the stuff, anything that comes to your mind. And if you don’t have an office yet, check some ideas for creating extra room in your apartment or house. That way, you can get some space for working. Furthermore, you can tailor it to satisfy your own taste. And fortunately, you don’t have to worry if someone else doesn’t like it. It is your working space and only you can decide. 

    Design your home office by applying colors

    What is so bloody exciting about having your own office at home? First, you don’t have to share it with anyone. Second, you can paint it the way only you want. 

    Forget about the boring and artificial workspace that is a characteristic of most companies and corporations. You are free to add your personal touch to your home office design and interior. If you like it green, then make it green. Moreover, there are no colleagues to prevent you from doing so. There is only you. And you are your own boss inside. 

    Start with the walls. If you don’t like them being white, paint them in any color you want. What is more, put some wallpaper to embellish the decor of the office. Play with colors and match two or three of them. Explore the ways colors can affect your mood and pick the most effective ones. 

    Yet, keep your home workspace design simple and don’t overplay. Too many neon or striking colors are not a good idea. As they can be too distracting, you can become less productive and prone to making mistakes. 

    Make it comfortable and functional

    The two most important things about an office are that a person working there should feel good and that the space is practical. The type of business you are involved in will influence how you are going to design your home office and choose furniture. Most offices require a desk, a chair, and a shelf. If you are an architect, you will certainly need a special type of desk. But if you are a lawyer, for instance, an ordinary desk will suffice. 

    You have to invest in chairs and desks. Your chair must be very comfortable as you are going to sit there most of the time. Your desk mustn’t be too high or too narrow. So get all the measures and plan everything in advance. 

    An example of a home office
    Make your home office personal by adding the stuff that reflects your personality.

    Also, don’t forget about decorations. They are necessary even for minimalists as they contribute to the pleasant atmosphere. Pots with plants, vases with flowers, paintings, ornaments, etc. — all of them will make the space a lot more beautiful.

    If your job is such that you have customers coming to your office, then leave some space for them as well. Thus, have at least two spare chairs or armchairs, and maybe a coffee table, so that clients can feel comfortable too. Remember that your home workspace design can influence the opinion of customers. That’s why your office has to be stylish and cozy. 

    Bring some light with your home office design

    Natural light is really necessary. Even the largest corporations have started creating workspaces that let the sunshine in. If you want to design your home office, then pay attention to where the window is and how much light can get inside. There are many great ideas for bringing more natural light into your home that you can make use of. For instance, use light colors, mirrors, or translucent curtains. Without a doubt, you will feel fresh and ready for a new working day when you have sufficient sunshine in your office. 

    A sofa, a cushion, a laptop, and slippers
    It’s better to have a separate room for working than to use your living room.

    Additional tiny tips for your home office design

    Apart from the beforementioned essentials, there are always small pieces of advice that can make your life easier. Those are some things that people rarely think of. However, they are extremely useful and truly practical. Take a look at the following ideas:

    1. Hide the cords and wires of your computers and electronics.
    2. Install as many shelves, cupboards, and filing cabinets as you need.
    3. Put some drawer and shelf dividers too.
    4. Inspire yourself with some pics or decorations.
    5. Make sure you have enough sockets.
    6. Keep it tidy and supplied.
    7. But don’t get too cozy, you don’t want a sleepy atmosphere. 
    8. Select flooring that refreshes the home office design and can be cleaned easily.
    9. Try to minimize acoustic distractions from other rooms and outside.
    10. It should be close to the kitchen, toilet or bathroom, and entrance. 
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