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    Over half of New Yorkers are renters. According to some estimates, rental apartments comprise 63 percent of New York City’s total housing. This means that if you plan on relocating to Manhattan lets say, chances are you will be renting your place. And, where is renting, there are landlords. Now, even if you two see eye to eye, disputes are certain to arise. The question is not so much how to stop them, but rather how to handle them. This may sound a bit daunting at first, but with the guidance in this text, you will know how to handle disputes with NYC landlords with ease. So, if you are interested, do read on.

    Generally speaking, any kind of issue that does not require immediate action needs to be assessed first. An objective approach will generate the best solution, and not leave you wondering if you could do anything better down the line. So, if a dispute arises, and seems too much to handle at first, do not call your NYC movers just yet. You should first:

    Assess the gravity of the issue

    Before making any big decisions, you should first be aware of how big the problem really is. If breaking a lease is a move you are considering, you should be aware that in certain instances breaking a lease is possible, while others don’t allow it. To put it simply, if your health and the health of your roommates is put in danger, chances of you coming out as a winner are pretty high up. If you spot any mold, broken pipes, and any other kind of safety hazards, consider them a fine cause for raising the alarm. Even it means having to move out on short notice, look for quality Manhattan storage units, and other chores that come with this decision, it is still better than putting yourself at any kind of risk.

    Old and neglected room
    Certain issues should not be overlooked, while other items may be on you.

    On the other hand, if you were simply not as careful and meticulous when checking the apartment before signing the lease, the problem is on you. Failing to notice a stain on the floor or a dent in the wall is not the landlord’s mistake. So, it would be best that you settle this in a more peaceful way.

    In order to handle disputes with NYC landlords with ease, one ought to keep records

    Upon signing your contract, you must have had to lay down a deposit. Now, having that those sums can get pretty high, we suppose that you would like to have your deposit back. That is only natural. However, you will have to prove that you deserve to get your deposit back after moving out. Certain landlords are fair and just, while others are not as kind. To put it lightly, you are going to need solid evidence, or else you might not get your money back.

    There is a lot of wisdom in the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. So, pictures are a great way to show just how things were. In addition, it would be smart to keep a record of everything that went wrong in the loft whilst you were living there. Include as many details as you can. Apart from being thorough, and backed up, you will also show that you mean business. This is a great way to get your landlord to collaborate in a more civilized manner.

    Lots of records
    Being organized always pays off.

    Stay cool, calm and collected

    As Meryl Streep once said, It’s amazing what you can get if you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it.” We very much agree with this claim. Being calm and civilized shows that you are not acting on emotion, but rather reason. You are able to hear the other side, and not just respond for the sake of argument. If your goal is to reach a solution, this is the approach you ought to take in order to handle disputes with NYC landlords. Instead of giving up, and looking for another place, try your best to work out what you can with what you have. Truly listen to the other side, and be as open, honest and direct with the things that bother you. Keep in mind that you will also have to do your part in order to get along with the landlord.

    What if reaching an agreement is simply not happening?

    It is important noting here that both landlords and tenants have their rights and responsibilities. If the two of you were not able to reach an agreement through calm conversation, you have two options to consider:

    1. Pack your things and move
    2. Argue for the object of the dispute to be altered, fixed, or renovated.

    Keep in mind that the latter option will take your time, money, and most importantly nerves. In addition, any kind of dispute can get pretty uncomfortable, and you ought to be prepared for such a scenario before delving in head first. After all, no one said that handling disputes with the landlord would be easy.

    A girl having an argument with a guy
    Even if an argument arises, there is no need to be uncivilized.

    A lawyer can help push things along

    A civilized way of handling a rough situation such as your one would be to send an official letter. In it, there should be a clear definition of the problem, preferably with a few possible solutions, and an obligatory deadline. You should, of course, make it a reasonable one, in order to really get a result. If the deadline you passes, and there is no reply, time for sending another letter is ideal. In addition, it would be wise to hire a lawyer to help with this step. Yes, they are costly, but they are also professionals who make money on arguing. So, getting this kind of assistance in order to handle disputes with NYC landlords might be smart. A lawyer will be able to help you solve the problem and avoid getting it to court.

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