Guide to transforming bedrooms in an empty nest

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    When your children leave for a college, or simply when they decide to live on their own to fend for themselves, parents tend to feel sad, alone and nostalgic. This feeling is completely normal, however, it is not easy. Your kids live with you, you watch them grow, they make you happy and sometimes sad, especially when they decide that it is time to leave. A simple look at the empty bedroom can make a tear roll down your face. You start to have that feeling even while they are getting ready to leave. If they are moving to a different borough only, again, it is not easy. Moving to Manhattan from Queens can also cause an empty nest syndrome, even though it is only half an hour subway ride. Let’s see some of the best ways of transforming bedrooms in an empty nest.

    Transforming bedrooms in an empty nest 101

    Transforming bedrooms in an empty nest can really help you deal with this situation. Keeping your mind off the fact that your kids won’t be there every single day is definitely the best way to deal with sadness. Firstly, you have to check with your daughter or son if it is ok to have their room under your management in their absence. See if it is ok to pack their stuff safely by using good, firm, steady boxes, something like moving boxes Manhattan. For this, it is important to let them know that their stuff will be nicely packed and moved to a storage or a garage.

    a cup of coffee on the nightstand
    Keep your mind off by thinking about how to use and transform the room

    Yes, you have paid for everything in that room, and for the house or the apartment where their room is, but it is really nice to ask about their opinion regarding this. They may even give you some good ideas on what you can do with their room.

    Remodeling ideas

    Once you and your kids are on the same page about renovation projects, you should start thinking about what you want. Think about the room you have always wanted, but you never had. There must be something, right? If you cannot think of anything now, go back to the past and try to remember what you wanted when you were younger. There’s got to be something. Dig deep. Maybe it is:

    • Gaming room
    • Huge walk-in closet
    • Home gym
    • Home office
    • Room theater
    • Pool table room

    Any of these ideas ring a bell? This extra room in your apartment or a house should definitely be used for something you always wanted. Indulge yourself for once. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have a room that you have always wanted. Or simply keep it as it is, and go there and rest sometimes.

    Gaming room

    Transforming bedrooms in an empty nest can be an easy and fun thing to do. If you let it be. If your desire to have a gaming room was real at one point in your life when you were a college student yourself, or even younger than that, go for it. Get a comfortable chair and start playing. It will be a great pass time thing to do, and you won’t think about having your kid gone to college as much, because you will have something really fun to do.

    gaming console
    Gaming room will help you relax during your free time

    Walk-in closet or a home gym

    A lot of ladies and even men sometimes in life wanted to have just enough space for all of their clothes and shoes. This is a great chance to get that. This would definitely be a really nice project for you and it will make you happy, especially if this is something you wanted.  On the other hand, we have another good idea. Creating a home gym is something that a lot of people do, once their kids leave their homes. Home gyms require to have a lot of natural light and air. So, make sure to think about that as well, before you start searching for a reasonably priced gym equipment.

    Transforming bedrooms in an empty nest into a home office or home theater

    Another good idea when it comes to transforming bedrooms in an empty nest is definitely a home office. Not only practical, but it is also very convenient to have this in your home. Especially, if your job is letting you work from home sometimes. This is definitely one of the most logical and practical things to do with an empty room. On the other hand, we have a home theater. This is a little bit out there, and it can be somewhat expensive. However, if this is something that you want and money is no problem, go for it. It will be fun and relaxing.

    Pool table room or foosball?

    Pool table room or foosball? Or maybe even both? If the room is big enough, having both tables is possible. This is also a gaming room, but an old fashioned one. Having a pool table can be so much fun. Having your friends over, drinking some beer, eating pizza and playing pool. All that while you are at your home. Your kid will like it too. The same goes for a foosball table.

    pool table
    IF you have enough room, pool table is a great choice

    Dealing with an empty nest syndrome can be really hard. However, keep in mind that you won’t feel like this forever. It will pass, and having your kids’ room, to do whatever you want with it can actually help you with this. So, try to have some fun and in no time this feeling will pass. Kids will visit, and while they are gone, why not indulge yourself a bit? Think about yourself for a change, and have fun redecorating.

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