Guide to moving to a bigger home

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    Moving to a bigger home often means you made it in life. You finally have enough money to buy a bigger home, so you and your family can live more comfortably. No more chaos in the morning, cramped spaces, and lack of storage. You are just a few steps away to leave everything in the past. All that is left to do is to consult movers Manhattan NYC, and organize your move to a new home. However, you must keep in mind that your lifestyle and habits won’t stay the same as in the previous home. Sure, a bigger house brings many advantages. But, a bigger house also means higher maintenance costs and additional problems. You must look realistically at the situation and act accordingly. 

    What to expect when you are moving to a bigger home? 

    Before you hire local movers Manhattan to manage your move, you need to have an inspection done in your new home. A buyer’s inspection happens after you made an offer to a house but before closing the sale. In this inspection, the home inspector will check the interior and exterior of a house and record any irregularities such as broken, defective, or hazardous ones. Additionally, if anything is irregular, you can negotiate a price and request repairs from the seller. 

    The inspection doesn’t last more than a day, and you will get a report in a couple of days. Make sure that you are present during the inspection, so you can ask about any doubts you have. After you have a green light from a home inspector, you can go in search of a Nomad moving company. 

    green house with lights turned on
    Have your new house inspected before moving in

    What issues can you encounter when you move to a new house? 

    The first thing you see in a bigger house are more rooms and space. However, more perceptive eyes see more space to clean rather than more space to use. Cleaning a bigger house isn’t a one-person’s job. All family members must participate in cleaning duty especially after you move in. This way, if you join forces, the house will be ready for living in no time. 

    All rooms might not be ready for use in your new big house. As you are slowly decorating your home, you can do a couple of winter home improvement projects. It’s best to focus on the interior part of the house and do improvements such as:

    • Paint the walls with fresh colors 
    • Add wallpapers with different patterns 
    • Put shelves in the storage area 
    • Refresh windows and doors 
    orange couch in the green room
    You can repaint your walls in the new house

    The utility bills will not be the same as in your previous house 

    When you are moving to a bigger home, you must count on higher utility bills. As the house is bigger, the monthly bills for gas, electricity, and water will be also higher than in the smaller house. In winter, heating in a bigger home will also be more expensive than what you are used to. Additionally, you must include maintenance of a backyard and pool if you own one. You should always have money set aside for general maintenance and possible repair works. 

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