Guide to moving into your first college apartment

Moving into your first college apartment can be quite an ordeal for most. There are so many things to consider and you can easily be overwhelmed by them all. If you want to make the experience a lot more enjoyable, you are going to need a reliable, trustworthy mover at your side. Heart Moving Manhattan NYC knows all about the pains of college relocation and provides services that will make it as stress-free as possible. But having a great moving company conducting your relocation is only one part of the whole process. You will need to select your apartment, choose the right moving date, create a list or two, etc. In this article, we are going to guide you through all of this, as well as provide you with some general moving tips.

How to prepare when moving into your first college apartment?

Here is what your relocation might entail:

  • Online research – locate all apartment complexes close to your college
  • Choose a moving date
  • Create a list of necessities before moving into your first college apartment
  • Search for a good internet provider
  • Find a roommate
  • Rent a moving truck before moving into your first college apartment
  • Locate gym and laundry services

Do note that, while the list above is quite exhaustive, there may still be things that we do not cover. Your situation is unique and will require you to apply logic to everything that you do. If you need to make use of Manhattan storage units, for example, you will have to add “search for a storage unit” to the list. You may need to do this with several things, so better prepare yourself for it.

Online research – locate all apartment complexes close to your college

To start things off, you are going to need to find a perfect apartment that is also close to your college. This might not be the easiest, nor the fastest, thing in the world. Therefore, you will want to devote considerable time to your research. However, try not to get too “hung up” on finding the best apartment in a short amount of time. These things take time, similar to finding the best local movers Manhattan has to offer. You will have to explore several venues, and you might even want to consult a real estate professional. But if you conduct your search thoroughly, you should be just fine. What you are looking for are apartment complexes that are in close proximity to your college. They offer the best price to convenience ratio.

But if you are a person that does not mind traveling to college (e.g. waking up early), you might consider apartments further away. It all depends on your lifestyle and preferences. However, closer usually means better, for most college students.

young woman with glasses, using the laptop
Searching for your new apartment online is the first thing you will need to do.

Choose a moving date

After you get a bead on the apartment that you want, it is time to consider exactly when you will be moving into it. This might sound easy but there may be a lot of things to consider. You may need to coordinate the move with the availability of your family, to allow everyone to give you a proper send-off. Or you might require additional help for your relocation and arranging it might require a specific date and time.

Create a list of necessities before moving into your first college apartment

Once you set the date, it is time to gather all that is necessary for your relocation. This includes all the items that you will be bringing with you, as well as some relocation necessities. You will also need to choose the right size moving boxes for your move. This will make it easier for you to transport them to your new apartment. Basically, what you want to ensure is that you have everything you will need for at least the first month. You are going to need to get rid of some stuff and purchase additional items, almost guaranteed, but you should try and minimize that if you can. Therefore, try to consider all the angles before sealing those boxes.

person using a blue pen, writing
Compiling a list of required items will make your relocation easier.

Search for a good internet provider

The internet is everything for a student. You are going to be spending so much of your time on the internet, it is not even funny. This is why you want to search for the best internet provider possible. Doing so will enhance your life as a student. The difference between a bad provider and a good one can be worlds apart, after all. Try to read as many reviews as you can before you come to a decision. Choosing the right provider might very well be one of the more important decisions you will have to make.

Find a roommate

Unless you are blessed with having the means to live alone, renting an apartment will put a serious dent in your budget. Most students have to find a roommate to be able to afford their apartment. Even if you can afford it, consider that you may be able to get a larger (or closer) place for the same money if you share the bills with someone else.

Rent a moving truck before moving into your first college apartment

If you want to save some money on your relocation, renting a moving truck is the way to go. You and your family and friends can provide manual labor and you can even have someone drive the truck, as well. This has the potential to save you quite a bit on moving costs. Of course, you can also go with professional movers if money is not the issue, or you don’t want to put in extra work.

red and blue moving trucks on the road
Renting a truck has the potential to save you a lot of money.

Locate gym and laundry services

Finally, before you can truly settle in, you are going to need to find some of the “essential” student services. These include finding a gym and a nearby laundry service. Of course, locate all the services that you can’t live without. Doing this in advance will enable you to be moving into your first college apartment with ease.

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