Guide for using storage container pods

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    Preparing for relocation is never easy. You need to figure out which items to relocate when to do so and hire professional movers to help you out. But, what most people don’t know is that most moves can be made considerably easier by using storage container pods. These pods allow you to pack at your own pace and not rush anything come moving day. And, as anyone who has moved can tell you, this is a huge advantage. Especially if you know what you know how to use them. Therefore, in order to help you make the most out of storage pods, we have come up with a comprehensive guide.

    How to pick a proper pod

    Once you start your moving preparations you need to figure out which pod you are going to use. Pods come in different sizes and you can rent them for different time periods. Therefore, you need to know what works for you so that you are not stuck with a wrong pod or you find yourself with not enough time.


    You want to use your pod for the shortest time possible, as it will be the cheapest option. But, you want to use it for sufficient time so that you can pack and load it properly. Otherwise, it defeats its own purpose. You want to figure out for how much you are going to need it for and then add at least two days. The reasons are that you are more likely to underestimate the amount of time for which you will require a pod. Therefore, you should give yourself room for mistakes. Especially if you haven’t used storage container pods before.

    Hand watch on a table.
    Time is a key aspect of using storage container pods to their fullest extent.


    Storage container pods come in different sizes and you need to figure out which one suits you most. They are usually 8, 10, or 16 feet long, but there are no standardized sizes. You need to talk with the storage company and, preferably with their help, figure out which pod suits you best. If you need to store large amounts of items, you should rethink using a pod. Since there are so many items, you probably won’t need to have access to them 24/7. It that case, you can use one of the top storage facilities in Manhattan and store your items more safely. Carefully consider what items you put into pods and what you should delegate to storage units.

    Prepare your items

    Once you have figured out which pod you are going to use and for how long, it’s time to prepare your items. It’s actually quite hard to underestimate how important it is that you properly prepare your items for a pod. You need to make sure that they are not only safe while you are using a pod, but also that they will remain safe once the movers take the pod away.


    Start off by sorting your items. You need to figure out which items you are going to put into the pod and how often do you need to reuse them. Furthermore, you need to separate your items by certain qualities that will make it easier for you to pack them. This should include fragility, weight, and use. Keep in mind that not all items are suited for storage container pods. Living things such as plants or animals or degradable things such as food do not belong in storage pods. You should also avoid storing things that are fragile to sudden weather changes and moisture.

    Do not place fruits like peaches in storage container pods.
    You cannot place food in storage pods as it is bound to rot.


    You cannot expect your items to remain intact while in storage pods unless you pack them properly. Start off by getting enough boxes. You can either go to your local stores and warehouses and ask them to save you some. Or, you can visit your local movers or a DIY store and by the boxes you need. The latter one is preferable as you can control the size and the quality of the boxes. You need to wrap your items and place them in boxes that are properly sized. Not too big and not too small. Just big enough to fit the item and the wrapping.


    Once you have packed your items you need to tape up your boxes and label them. Labeling is important as it will make finding an important item in your storage pod much easier. Plus, it will make handling the boxes much easier for your movers or friends. Knowing that the content of the box is fragile or heavy will prevent catastrophic moving accidents.

    Blue marker.
    Make sure to label your boxes so that they are safe for handling.

    How to load storage container pods

    Now that you are done with preparing your items for storage container pods, it’s time to load them into the pod itself. Most people simply put the boxes into pods without any prior planning. This is a mistake for multiple reasons. Not only will you make it hard on yourself to find items, but you will make the pod unsafe for transport. You need to think of packing a container pod as packing a moving truck.

    Weight distribution

    Weight distribution in your pod is necessary for safety reasons. The best way is to distribute the weight of your items as evenly as possible. You can do that by placing the heaviest items first and them placing the lighter items on top of them. Just try to keep in mind that the total weight needs to be evenly distributed around the pod and you will have no problem in loading it.

    Last in, first out

    The final thing that you need to keep in mind is the “Last in, first out” principle. This simply means that the last thing you put into your storage pod will the first thing that you will have access to. Therefore, you should pack your least needed items first and then gradually come to the ones that are most needed. For those, you can look into using plastic containers as they are much better for reusing.


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