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    When we mention that it is the time for the move, some of you might think that it is easy. Simply pack everything, load a moving truck and drive. Not so fast. Simple as it sounds, it is actually one of the hardest situations in people lives. You need to pack and transport everything without damages and injuries. Not to mention the emotional aspect of the move itself. You will leave friends and memories behind. But you will also gain much on the way. A new beginning means a fresh start for everyone. There must be a reason you are moving to another city. We hope that it is a promising career move. Therefore, the only thing you might be missing is a few tips and tricks on how to pack and organize for shipping furniture cross-country.

    The safest way of shipping furniture cross-country

    Considering that you are aware of your moving date, now should be the time to start organizing everything. In front of you are several major steps that you’ll need to cover. Steps like packing, decluttering, cleaning, and most importantly, to figure out who will move you. With a bit of research, you will find a proper moving company that will complete this task for you. Movers have the means to an end, a sizeable moving truck, enough manpower, and an adequate set of tools. When you are shipping furniture cross-country, there is no better solution. Therefore, be sure to check cross country movers NYC, one of the best local moving companies. They have the most experienced moving crews specialized in moving heavy furniture, as well as delicate and fragile items.

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    With a bit of research, you can find reliable movers

    A free onsite estimates

    Since like in any business, competition is hard. Moving industry is no different, and moving companies are trying to provide as many free services as possible. This way they attract customers and both sides benefit much. One of those free services is a free moving quote. An onsite estimate that will evaluate the size of your cargo, what truck is needed for your move and how many miles and hours are invested. By determine the difficulty and complexity of your move, you will be aware of the potential moving costs. Besides that, movers will know if they can access the loading area near your house with their moving truck. And more importantly, how many people they need for the job.

    Considering all mentioned, you should not think twice and choose the company for you. One such company that will provide free onsite estimates are Chelsea movers. A moving crew with an impeccable reputation. After many years of service and countless moves completed, they have the knowledge and the means to assist. Your moving endeavor will become an adventure.

    Movers have the mean of shipping furniture cross-country

    Like any other family, you probably have a huge variety of furniture. Their weight, different sizes, and shapes will dictate the way on how to act. But some items are too risky to move or lift without proper tools and knowledge. Those items can be a washing machine or a king size bed. Such items have the user manual provided by the manufacturer and there is a way to handle them. And some of them have to be disassembled and secured before moving. You do not want to damage your belongings or to lose a crucial part.

    king size bed
    Professional help is required to disassemble your king size bed

    Moving companies possess the tools and knowledge for such a job. Not only they will move and lift things for you, but they can pack and disassemble furniture for you. If that is something you wish. Shipping furniture cross-country is not so easy, and we suggest you to hire professionals to do it for you.

    Your safety first, and then of your cargo

    Moving is one of the jobs that require special attention and damage control. You can endanger your health and damage your belongings if you undertake tasks that you are not prepared for. There are ways on how to move heavy furniture and how to lift heavy moving boxes. Firstly, you should never overstuff your boxes and make them to heavy to move. They can fall apart and damage the content. Especially if you are moving during rain or snow, which can make cardboard soggy and more fragile. And while lifting your boxes, do it with your legs and not your back. Back injuries are most common while performing a move. But we will advise that if you are unsure of how to do it, maybe it is better to supervise. Let someone else is doing the hard labor you paid for.

    On the other hand, physical injuries are not the only danger that lurks about. Your mental state is what is most important. Moving is the stress-inducing event that can make us go crazy. Hence, you should take precaution. Few weeks before your move, you should take enough rest and eat healthier. Drink enough fluids and keep your batteries near full. As an organizer, how you feel on moving day is the key to the overall morale of the moving party.

    Prepare your furniture

    If you for some reason decided to do it all by yourself, there is a way. Maybe to reduce moving costs or to avoid unplanned moving expenses. We already mentioned that certain items need special care and a way to handle them. With that in mind, you should strictly follow the instruction manuals for the electrical pieces you are moving. And for the wooden and plastic furniture, you should disassemble everything and wrap individual pieces in bubble wrap. This way you will prevent the damage while moving. Also, by making several small pieces out of the big one, will make it all easier to carry over to your moving vehicle. Furthermore, do not forget to pack all the small screws and pins into a plastic bag and keep it together. It is not good to lose a piece that holds everything together.

    Pay special attention when packing fragile items

    Since you decided to move on your own, we should point out that you’ll need a moving truck of some sort. If you have yours, that is fine. If not, then consider renting one. You can do this via moving company or any other vehicle renting service. Check out the local companies and get ready for shipping furniture cross-country.

    Moving insurance will bring the relief

    For the overall safety for your move, and a piece of mind, consider purchasing moving insurance. This is a highly lucrative way to protect your belongings. Since we are all aware that there are inevitable parts of the move, such as a broken dish or two. Ask your moving company if they provide such a service and what are the conditions and the price of it. If they offer only partial coverage, then it might be good to purchase it from the official insurance company and set your mind at ease.

    Some moving companies keep their right to refuse to transport items that are volatile or items with extreme value. There are special ways to pack antique furniture or to handle hazardous materials. Ask your movers if they can do it.

    This is the end of our educational piece. Hopefully, you got enough advice that will help you make your move safer and more successful. Shipping furniture cross-country is a heavy job that asks for a good organization and preparation. Utilize what you learned today and use it wisely. Your new home awaits. Good luck!

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