Guide for coping with packing your home

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    The stress of relocation can take a big tole on a person’s nerves. It’s a period filled with added chores, numerous tasks, and unpredictable occurrences. On top of your daily schedule, you need to find time to address all the extra issues a move brings. One of the most onerous being packing. Before you decide to simply give up and curl on the floor, assuming a perfect fetus position, a glimpse of light occurs in the dark. A splendor of hope, if you will. No, not Batman, but the second best thing – a guide for coping with packing your home.

    Batman in all his glory
    Is it a bird? A plane? Almost! It’s a guide for coping with packing your home. A superhero of its own accord.

    Start on time

    First things first – make a plan of attack for this arduous undertaking. And do so in due time. Put those neurons to work and come up with a foolproof strategy that is bound to work. How does one go about creating such a tactical maneuver? Listen carefully, we shall utter this only once; perhaps two times if the need arises:

    • Declutter your home
    • Separate the things you want to carry to your new home from the things that are up for tossing, gifting or donating
    • Find quality packing material: boxes of various size, none lacking in sturdiness, ducktape, bubble wrap, packing paper, moving blankets and labeling markers
    • Initiate packing by beginning with rooms you seldom use
    • Leave the kitchen, bathroom and any other room you use the most for the end

    Following this suggestion will prove to be tremendously helpful in coping with packing your home. ‘How so’, one might wonder. Well, once you have each step planned in advance, you are keeping everything under control. Nothing will be lost track of. This knowledge will most definitely help put your mind at ease.

    Find trustworthy professionals

    Who says you need to do everything on your own? Sure, you can boast about it to your friends, but is it really worth all the hassle? Kitchen appliances, clothing items, and pillows are easily manageable and we get the feeling you will be able to handle that part. However, who is going to move that massive piano that takes up almost half of your room? How about that aquarium or the statue worth more than a small car? Instead of breaking your head over this endeavor, it might be best to hire piano movers Manhattan. Not only will this save you the worry over damaging your expensive goods, whilst hurting your back in the process, but it will also aid with coping with packing your home. Entrusting professionals to do their job can only show to be beneficial.

    Take time to exercise

    Nothing relieves tension better than physical exercise. We know how challenging it can be to find time for yet another activity during this hectic period, especially if you haven’t implemented it in your daily routine beforehand. However, hear us out. Taking one hour out of your day for a walk, light jog or a simple stretch will make you feel more focused and energized. Not to mention that physical activity is one of the best stress relievers out there. It’s hard to put into words, but the feeling of calmness, composure, and overall control is truly unique.

    A cat stretching
    Know why cats have 9 lives? They stretch. Well, that might not be the sole reason, but it’s worth giving it a go.

    Get enough sleep

    Although time is of the essence and come the time of relocation, you won’t have much to spare, keep in mind the following: you won’t be relocating to Manhattan any faster if you cut back on sleeping hours. Nor anywhere else, for that matter. What’s more, the constant tiredness will make the whole process last much longer, due to the lack of energy and concentration. Sleep is essential for a normal functioning individual. No amount of caffeine can replace the missing SWS (slow wave sleep) hours. So, get some proper z’s and you’ll find yourself finishing more chores in a more efficient manner than otherwise plausible.

    Eat proper food

    One more thing regarding your overall health that must not be overlooked. By the time you’ve reached this paragraph, most of you will be wondering how all these ‘health advice’ will help in coping with packing your home. Well, taking care of yourself is the first step in tackling any problematic occurrence. A healthy individual will be more capable of handling complicated tasks than the one struggling with various issues. All jokes aside, relocation is truly stressful. Eating fast food and cutting back on sleep will not help with relieving that tension. In fact, it will do the exact opposite. Nutritious food will give you more energy, fill you up for a longer time and make you feel better overall. Instead of turning to burgers and french fries, go for a salad. It’s easier on the stomach, granting you more time to work and taking up fewer hours to digest. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t splurge at the end of this venture and buy yourself a pizza. You deserve it.

    A person taking a slice of pizza
    Sometimes (but not at all times!) fast food can be the right choice.

    Coping with packing your home? Take a deep breath in

    The light tone of this text is more than just a writer’s freedom. It has the purpose of showing you that coping with packing your home is not as complicated or as hard as it may seem. What’s more, the whole process of relocation can be a rather fun and exciting experience. Take a deep breath in and adjust your stance on the matter. Try to see it as a light challenge, the beginning of a new chapter, a chance to better yourself. Finding ways of dealing with stress is what all of us are presented with throughout our whole lives. However, only through difficulties do we grow. We will finish by quoting a smart man Smooth Seas Do Not Make Skillful Sailors’.

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