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    There are many joys of raising a child. Watching them grow up into new adults is always breathtaking. Heping them learn and prosper takes a lot of work, but it is quite fulfilling. However, while they are still a baby, you might run into the first signs of trouble. And once the baby starts crawling, you can notice just how dangerous your home is for a newborn. They can start at around eighth month, but many do so earlier. When this happens, it is a huge milestone, but it is also the time for baby proofing your home. Luckily, professional Manhattan Movers are here to help you! In this article, we give you some helpful tips about rooms and items you shouldn’t forget to ensure your baby’s safety!

    Baby proof the bathroom for a stressless bath time

    A baby in the tub - after baby proofing your home.
    The baby – and you – can have fun in a safe bathroom.

    For many new parents, everything about their baby is new and exciting, but also frightening. Take washing the baby, for example. How much should you fill up the tub? How warm should the water be? What happens if the baby starts crying during the process – is she hurt or uncomfortable? Then, how do you make sure the bathroom is safe when baby proofing your home?

    Well, when it comes to washing the youngest members of the family, these are the things to remember. Babies spent their first months in the water, so they are not so sensitive to it. However, when filling up the tub, do so only a couple of inches in depth. It should be just enough to cover your child’s legs. When it comes to the warmth, use your wrist to test it. If you have a thermometer, you can use it too – the water should be somewhere between 96 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Put nonslip mats both in the tub and around it. This way, neither you nor the baby can slip and fall. Finally, never leave the baby without supervision in the tub. Keep your eyes on it every second.

    When it comes to cheap moving tips for baby proofing your home, there are some things you can get. First, soft covers are great for bathtub spout. You will want to cover the knobs as well, and getting a bathtub ring for the baby is also great. However, keep in mind that this does not substitute parent supervision! Finally, when your toddler starts walking, you will want to put a lock on the toilet seat. There are also many other small bathroom baby proofing tips that you need to take into account, depending on what else you have in your bathroom.

    The kitchen might be the biggest concern when baby proofing your home

    A lit match.
    Fire hazard is one of the biggest concerns for new parents.

    When you ask parents about life in the suburbs outside NYC and what worries they face, one of their biggest is how to protect their baby from burns. And since most of the danger comes from the kitchen, this is the area you will want to focus on. First, when carrying your baby, you should not carry any hot food or drink. The chances of contact, or the baby hitting you and spilling stuff is high when doing this. For the same reason, you should keep the same items far from the edges of the tables. When your toddler starts walking, they will be grabbing for anything in their sight.

    While your baby is still little, don’t hold it while you are cooking. Put it in a crib or a chair, and don’t let it approach the stove. The pot handles should be toward the back of your stove, and you can put a latch on the over the door to secure it. If you can, you should purchase stove guards. They will block the toddler’s access to burners. Just like in the bathroom, get knob covers so the baby can’t play around the stove. Finally, you will want to purchase another latch for the fridge. You don’t want your toddler playing in it and grabbing for things on the highest shelves.

    Should you secure your car when baby proofing your home?

    A toddler driving a car.
    Make your car safe for the baby.

    It might seem a bit odd to some, but the car is also a part of your house – at least when you are baby proofing your home. And since cars are built with adults in mind, there aren’t many safety features in the car for babies. Luckily, when moving to Manhattan, you can get access to and install many of this extra stuff.

    First, get convertible car seats for your children. They should face the rear of the car, and you should use them until your child surpasses the height and weight limits of the seat. This is usually 40 pounds or more, so your kid will be safe in their seat until they are four years old. You should pay close attention to the way you install them. They should be in the middle of the back seat so you can easily see your child if driving alone.

    Smaller things to think about when baby proofing your home

    After you have secured three of the most dangerous areas of your house, it’s time to think about details. There are many items that can be harmful to the baby in other rooms and areas of your home. First, if there are any items that you cannot hide or lock away, but can harm the baby, maybe you should put them in a cheap storage Manhattan until the child grows up a little. As for the stuff you can lock away, do so. These are the items like knives, heavy pots and fragile items.

    Then, you can place door knobs as well as safety gates around your home. These are a great asset when baby proofing your home because they restrict the child’s movements. If you really cannot secure the kitchen properly, just plop a gate in the door. Finally, get some safety plugs for the electrical outlets. These are low enough for the child to reach and very dangerous, so you should not forget them.

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