Final items to take care of before moving

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    As your moving process is drawing to a close, there are certain things you need to be mindful of. Assuming that you started with preparations on time and that everything was going according to plan, you should have only but a few final items to take care of. We will name all of them, starting with the chores that need your attention one week before the moving day itself.

    At the start of the week

    • Aim to complete the general household packing. A couple of days before the move, you should ensure your whole home is packed. This excludes the items that go into the essentials box. Keep in mind that this does not necessarily have to be a box per se. You can use a bag, or a suitcase if it so fits you. Just make sure that it contains at least one change of clothes (more would be preferable if you are moving out of state) for everyone in the family, as well as the basics (hygiene products, phone chargers, toilet paper, etc). The thought behind this is that you will need to survive for a few days without the items on the moving truck.
    Essential items
    Essentials are essential for your normal everyday life during the first days in your new home. Thus the name. Do not overlook this.
    • Speaking of surviving, you should pay a visit to your pharmacy. Refill any prescriptions you’ll need for the upcoming month. You can also use this opportunity to arrange a transfer of prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new community.
    • We will be so brave as to assume that you have decluttered your home, and sorted the items into piles that are for tossing and donating. While you have probably taken care of the former, the time for addressing the latter is just right. One of the final items to take care of in the final week would be to arrange for a pickup of all remaining items you are donating.

    Final items to take care of a few days before the move

    Since all of your belongings are packed, chances are you will not be turning on the washing machine. This goes for all large appliances like the dryer, fitness equipment and so on. So, now would be the time to disconnect and clean them. Call a professional to disconnect the gas lines. If you are moving your fridge, start defrosting the freezer. In addition, you should make sure to clean it at least a day before your move, but preferably sooner.

    Call your Clinton moving company. This should not be the first time you check your arrangements, so we will continue if it were so. You are making this call so as to verify how much you will owe on moving day, and what forms of payment you can utilize. Make sure to use this opportunity to ask for a cellphone number for day-of-contact, and confirm the moving team’s arrival time. This is also a great time to prepare written directions to your new home. You will hand them to the crew on moving day.

    A man speaking on his cell phone
    Give your moving company a call to confirm the validity of previous instructions, and obtain certain new information.

    One of the final items to take care of before the moving day is to get the keys to your new home. You can either schedule the realtor or landlord to meet you on moving day or arrange to receive the keys at your new home.

    If you have not arranged with the professionals from Manhattan moving and storage to disassemble your furniture, you should get to it right away. Use plastic storage bags to keep screws, brackets, and fasteners together. Make sure to label the bag, and tape it to the furniture’s underside. Even if they fall off, which should not happen, you will know where they belong.

    Most moving companies have a list of things they will not transport. These prohibited items include paint, aerosol cans, matches, alcohol and other chemicals. Make sure to properly dispose of them, if you do not plan on moving them yourself. Just keep in mind that they are hazardous and flammable.

    On the moving day the final items to take care of include:

    • saying goodbye to your old home. Do this before the movers arrive, as it will turn hectic faster than you can say ”so long”. Your children will, in particular, appreciate this and have benefited from some closure. Have a final walk through the house, and recall all the fond memories you have. Try to talk about all the fun you’ll have in your new place, in order to avoid making this into a sad occasion.
    • meeting and greeting the movers. Apart from being a polite thing to do, you want to ensure that all workers are representatives of the moving company you hired. A great way to do this is to check if the moving truck’s U.S. Department of Transportation license number matches the number on your estimate.
    Moving tucks
    One of the final items to take care of is ensuring you are working with people who are not fraudulent. Keep your eyes open, and check the things you can as soon as they arrive.
    • supervising the load-in. If you yourself cannot manage this task next to all other chores, have a helper do it for you. While watching the moving crew stack your belongings inside the truck, they should be keeping an eye out for any damage.
    • cleaning the home you are leaving. You can choose to tidy up the rooms as the moving crew empties them. Or, you can have a cleaning service take care of it.
    • making a final walk-through. Lock your old home’s windows and doors. Turn the light off, as well as the ceiling fans. Make sure nothing is left behind before you leave for good. Once you’re done with the list of final items to take care of, you’re ready to move out.
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