Feng shui tips for moving house

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    Moving house is never easy. Most people end up losing something or causing damage to their items or property. For this reason, the moving stress is at an all-time high. People have different ways to cope with stress. Some start to practice rules of feng shui in order to bring prosperity and good health. Feng shui practice is over 6,000 years old and includes the elements of astrology, philosophy, astronomy, and even physics. If you want to continue with your good luck, here are all the feng shui tips for moving house. Even your packing and moving companies NYC will respect your life philosophy.  

    Feng shui tips for moving house – choosing your moving day 

    It is completely understandable if you cannot choose your moving day. Maybe your landlord wants you out of the apartment by the end of the month. You need to relocate by a certain date because of your new job. In addition to this, your long distance movers NYC might not be available when you planned, and so on. You have to take this into consideration when choosing your moving day. Still, if you want to respect feng shui, then you have several options. You should move on the “Cheng Day” which means you can accomplish everything. You should calculate carefully your moving day. Visit a feng shui expert. Besides Cheng Day, you can move on San He Day, meaning a triple harmony. Horse Day aka the 6th day of a lunar month is also an option as well as Ecliptic Day which is a day good for everything. 

    yellow calendar
    Consult feng shui experts and pick your moving day

    How to plan everything 

    Now that you choose your moving day and book Chelsea moving company, it is time to prepare your move. First, you need to clean your house. This is not any different from a standard move. You have to clean the house in both cases as leaving your old house dirty is extremely rude and it can even affect your security deposit. However, according to feng shui, you need to open the doors and windows for two or three days. You should clean the air as well so you will not bring anything bad into your new home. Then, you need to prepare the following things for your moving day. 

    • A rice box with 80% rice inside so you will have enough food 
    • Expensive clothing in the suitcase to have enough clothes on your life 
    • Move your spirit table first 
    • Your movers should move out your items 

    More feng shui tips for moving to follow 

    Of course, there is more. As mentioned, your movers should move your items out However, your family members need to move the same items into your new home. The first items to move in should be the rice box, the suitcase with expensive clothes and your spirit table. Your family members should put them into the kitchen or bedroom. In addition to this, you should boil a pot of water which means profit pouring from every side. Then, turn on the taps while blocking the basins to get a fortune. You need to move in before the sunset as well as take some earth from your old house. In addition to this, you should set off firecrackers to drive away evil spirits. You need to light up the house and keep it this way for one day so your house can flourish in the future.  

    rice in a bowl
    You should prepare a box filled with rice

    More tips for your new house 

    When organizing your move, you need to get new things. According to feng shui, you need to get new pillows for your home. The number of pillows depends on the number of family members. Put one pillow on each bed. Then, you need to get a new dustpan and broom and tie a red ribbon around it. Start cleaning from the corners to the center and then finish with the front door. This way, you will remove the old bad dust from your new home so you can start fresh. In addition to this, you need to pick an auspicious hour when you want to install your bed. Then, find a person under the Dragon sign to sit on the bed first. Lastly, you need to organize a housewarming party. Invite your friends, family members, relatives, and neighbors to drive out evil spirits from your new home. 

    Feng shui tips for moving house – things you should not do 

    Feng shui also dictates what you should not do when moving house. First things first, do not lose your temper on a moving day. Stay calm and focused. Then, you should not move with a baby or if you are pregnant. However, this is hardly possible to avoid if your lease is out and you need to move out. Then, a pregnant woman should wear a Buddha figure and worship at an auspicious hour with boiling water and cooking. Next, you should not move empty-handed. Hold something valuable and do not look back. Once you enter your new home, you would probably want to take a rest. However, you should not take an afternoon nap since you are likely to catch an illness. Lastly, you should not decorate your bedrooms and living room with white and cold items. Choose red details instead. 

    Feng shui tips for moving to wear Buddha when pregnant
    If you are expecting, then you should wear a Buddha figure

    Choosing colors for your feng shui home 

    As mentioned, avoid white details. However, you can have white furniture. Here are colors and their meaning in short. 

    • Green – avoid having green color as the main color as it can bring depression. 
    • Red – use this color to blend or match colors since having too many red pieces is irritating. 
    • Pink – another color to avoid as it causes annoyance and quarrels. 
    • Yellow – it is a sign of mental instability and depression.  
    • Orange – add small and simple things in this color as it adds warmth.  

    There you have it, all the feng shui tips for moving house.  

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