Essential moving equipment for a safe DIY move

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    Most people hire moving companies to help them move house. However, that is not always the case as some people prefer doing it by themselves. In order to make it right, moving equipment for a safe DIY move is necessary. So if you are moving to Manhattan by yourself, you have plenty of things to consider and plan carefully. Among all other tasks, some big effort is needed to find the right equipment. 

    In case you are in two minds

    If you haven’t decided how to move yet, you should know that hiring movers will save time. Getting help from a reputable company, such as Heart Moving Manhattan NYC, will be far easier. You won’t have to bother buying supplies for a DIY move. You can have your belongings packed, loaded onto a truck, moved, unloaded from the track, and unpacked. Definitely, you won’t have to lift a finger. 

    Packing equipment for moving by yourself

    One of the major steps in moving preparations is packing. Everything must be packed well and safely in order to avoid damages. So what is the must-have equipment for moving by yourself? Of course, you need some boxes and tape. However, that is not enough. What follows is a comprehensive list of necessary materials:

    • moving boxes as essential moving equipment for a safe DIY move
    • sealable bags
    • tape and scissors
    • bubble wrap and shrink wrap
    • styrofoam and packing peanuts
    • newspapers or paper
    • moving blankets and pads
    • stickers, tags, and markers for labeling


    A headboard protected with bubble wrap, a type of moving equipment for a safe DIY move.
    Protect your furniture with layers of special packing materials.

    Special attention has to be paid to packing electronics. They are extremely sensitive. Therefore, packing a TV or a computer is not easy at all. If you have saved the original packaging, make use of it as the safest options

    Another important notion is to label every box and bag. That’s why we have listed stickers, tags, and markers as supplies for a DIY move. If you mark those boxes, you will know where fragile items are. Therefore, you will make sure not to put heavy stuff on them. What is more, with labeled boxes, the process of unpacking will be really practical. 

    Moving day supplies for a DIY move 

    Needless to say, your hands are not enough to move heavy objects and furniture. Even if you disassemble your king-sized bed and pack it, all those parts put together can’t be managed without some moving equipment for a safe DIY move, such as dollies or carts. There are two main types of dollies: 

    1. You can rent heavy-duty appliance dollies with four wheels. They are good for heavy items, such as sofas, washing machines, pianos, etc. They have a large flat base that can support a weight of around 1,000 pounds. 
    2. For lighter stuff and boxes, two-wheel dollies come into handy. They are also known as utility dollies or hand trucks. They are L-shaped with two ergonomic handles and a base that can support a weight of around 600 pounds.

    Apart from carts, you will also need straps and ropes. They are used to secure all the belongings on dollies and vehicles. As part of the basic equipment for moving by yourself, straps are also useful for fridges as they prevent the doors from opening. Finally, you might wish to tie some ropes around the boxes as an additional security measure. 

    Bigger than moving equipment for a safe DIY move

    If you want to relocate as a self-mover, you will still have to ask for the help of other people. All those supplies for a DIY move must have someone to handle them. So who can assist? Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, etc. Have you ever helped some of them to move? They will be glad to join you now.


    Friends carrying boxes
    Your friends will be willing to help you relocate.

    Moreover, you have to use a moving van to transport all your possessions. If you happen to have your own truck or cargo van, that would be great. Besides, a friend of yours might have it and lend it to you. Otherwise, you will have to rent one. Make sure you have enough equipment for moving by yourself in order to be able to load the stuff onto the vehicle. For example, ramps may make the whole process less difficult. 

    Small equipment for a safe DIY move

    There are numerous small things that make our lives easier. Thus, why not use some of them during the move? Due to that, while buying the necessary equipment for a safe DIY move, consider getting the following items:

    • protective gloves for your hands and skin
    • padlocks for your belongings
    • a utility knife to open the boxes more easily
    • a simple or basic tool kit to dismantle your furniture 
    • a flashlight, just in case the light goes off

    Cleaning supplies and products

    If you are a fair player, you will clean your old home before leaving it. It would be completely impolite to leave it dirty and messy. You will need to tidy up and keep your new home clean too. For that reason, it is wise to ensure you have enough cleaning supplies together with all that equipment for moving by yourself. These products include a broom, bucket, garbage bags, various chemicals for cleaning, etc. 


    A girl sitting on the floor, holding a laptop, surrounded with boxes.
    It’s not time to enjoy it yet. Once you unpack, tidy up, and clean, then you can enjoy your new home.

    Disposing of the supplies for a DIY move

    After you finally move into your new home and unpack your stuff, you can easily end up being surrounded by all the moving equipment for a safe DIY move. First, you will think of what to do with the leftover packing materials and how to get rid of them. You can recycle, sell, keep, or give them away. Of course, you will have to return those things you have rented and borrowed. And when you sort everything out, it’s high time you took some rest and chilled.

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