Creative ideas for a housewarming party in NYC

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    Thinking about throwing a housewarming party after moving to Manhattan? Great idea! Hosting a housewarming party when you move to New York is a great chance to meet new friends and neighbors and expand your social circle. But living in NYC means probably no backyard and a small apartment. This is why you need to discover creative ideas for a housewarming party in NYC! Check out our ideas and throw a party to remember!

    Get adorable decoration ideas for a housewarming party in NYC

    Before you start to explore ideas for a housewarming party in NYC, make sure you prepare and clean your apartment. So, clean your home thoroughly and feel proud to show it to your guests. The whole point of the housewarming party is to let people walk around and feel at home. Everything should be open, but of course, you can lock the room where you sleep and store fragile items there.

    Balloons, flowers and string lights wrapped around your walls will create a happy atmosphere. The lights will create a warm atmosphere and they can shine all night. You can place giant pillows and blankets on the floor. Buy some cute paper plates and napkins or decorate everything in boho style. The whole point is to make your home cozy so your guests can feel comfortable and enjoy. Need someone to move your piano during a housewarming party? Well, you can check piano movers Manhattan.

    Be creative with food and drinks when looking for ideas for a housewarming party in NYC

    Throwing a housewarming party means lots of delicious food! You can’t go wrong with burgers and chocolate cake, but come on, be more creative! You can pick nachos with a variety of toppings, and even pick a few of the hottest sauces for the friends who are willing to try. Make homemade cookies and order mini Belgian waffles. Fresh salads and sandwiches are always good options, but you can make sushi with secret ingredients and let your friends guess what they are eating. Try to find large capacity drink dispensers so you don’t have to worry about refilling them during the party. And if you pick a theme for your party, for example, a small Japan, make sure you provide Japanese food and drinks, too. So, explore creative ideas for decorating your new home, but creative food ideas also.

    Vegetables on a BBQ. Making BBQ is one of the ideas for a housewarming party in NYC
    Guests are most excited about food and decoration, so do your best to impress them arranging dishes creatively.

    A small space is not a problem, but an advantage!

    Don’t be desperate if you don’t have a large apartment or yard. That’s not an odd thing if you live in New York. New York is one of the most expensive cities in America and not everyone can afford a large apartment. Small space actually has a greater advantage when it comes to creative ideas for a housewarming party in NYC. Smaller apartments are more cozy and warm. Remove all expensive and fragile items and make more space. Instead of dozens of chairs, put large pillows and blankets on the floor. Use lazy bags and sofas. You can put one large table into the centerpiece of the party and put food and drinks there. That will create a relaxed, comfortable and housewarming atmosphere.

    Throw a housewarming theme party

    A housewarming party doesn’t have to be just sitting and drinking tea. If you want your guests to remember that party forever, be creative! Why don’t you throw a theme party? Guests will be more excited if you ask them to wear costumes or masks. For example, you can make ‘The 80’s’ party or a small carnival at your place. The possibilities are endless, it’s important to make everyone feel comfortable and have fun. Themed parties always create the best memories and photographs.

    carnival masks
    That guests would not feel uncomfortable and reserved, pick a theme for the party! Wearing masks or costumes will make everyone feel comfortable.

    Get some fun for kids

    Discovering ideas for a move-in party in NYC is not for adults only. If you moved with your family and kids, you need to think about their presence at the housewarming party. Living in New York means you probably don’t have a big backyard where they can play. You need to find other fun activities. Our proposition is to hire Brooklyn Crafters! Brooklyn crafters help kids dive into fun art projects and get creative. They can come to your housewarming party to engage kids. Kids will be able to decorate denim tote bags, make unique t-shirts and make craft gifts. You can tell crafters if kids like cats, dogs, certain movies or comic books and they will provide supplies with those interests.

    a girl sitting in a chair
    Children also love housewarming parties. Make sure they have fun activities, too.

    Provide fun activities for all guests

    Surely we’ve all been at a party and felt uncomfortable because we didn’t know most people. Imagine telling a joke that only a few people understand, and other guests get bored. Don’t get into this situation. Housewarming party means a house full of people that may even don’t know each other. Your job is to make them feel comfortable. You can invite everyone to dance and sing, or play video games. Maybe you can hire a magician or stand-up comedian! Besides, you can organize table tennis or backyard walk-in movie theater if you have one. Place blankets and pillows on the ground and enjoy. A housewarming party means everyone should feel at home, comfortable, warm and relaxed.

    Give housewarming gifts

    A great housewarming party without housewarming gifts? No way. When looking for ideas for a housewarming party in New York, don’t forget to discover the best ideas for housewarming gifts. This way, you will show your guests what a careful host you are and how much you care about their presence. Housewarming presents don’t have to be expensive. They need to represent a great memory. Greeting cards, homemade cookies packed in stylish bags, fancy scented candles, photos or anything that will last can be a great housewarming gift.

    homemade cookies on the table
    Don’t forget the housewarming gifts. Homemade cookies or greeting cards are a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence.

    Not a fan of ordinary? Take your guests to Manhattan!

    Need more NYC housewarming tips? No problem! If you are not a fan of ordinary home parties, there are some modern ideas for a housewarming party in NYC. Instead of throwing a party at home, or you simply don’t have much space to throw one, having in mind how expensive big apartments are in Manhattan, you can take your friends to a bar. Gather your people and discover Loreley beer garden on Lower East Side. This bar has outdoor space with picnic tables and offers amazing traditional German dishes and beer. You can reserve the whole place for a party! Stand out from the crowd and take housewarming parties to the next level.

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