Creating extra room in your new apartment

Creating extra room in your new apartment is possible if you are living in a studio apartment as it is for any other house and apartment. In order to make some extra room you will need to invest time and money, but you will be happy with the final results. Depending on your budget and your creativity, you will certainly get some results. Here you may find some ideas you can use.

Creating extra room in your new apartment without adding walls

There are so many ways to create an extra room. When you are living in a small space you are forced to think out of the box, so to speak. Everybody enjoys a spacious room, with plenty of storage options and natural light. Of course, when you are living in a city, like New York, you will realize that there is a small chance to have this type of apartment in Manhattan. Therefore, short term storage Manhattan will be your best solution until you figure out a more convenient one. This type of storage is great for your belongings that don’t fit into your new apartment. Also, it is a good solution to temporarily store your belongings while you are moving. 

Large wardrobe can be used as a room divider
A large wardrobe with a lot of storage is an excellent room divider.

Creating extra room in your new apartment is possible with a few decorating tricks

If you don’t want to or you can’t add a wall, you can get an additional room with a room divider, like a large wardrobe or shelving unit. Ask your Manhattan movers to place them in the room center, so it divides it into two separate rooms. This way you are creating extra room in your new apartment and using a “wall” as a storage space, all at the same time.

Use your vertical space for creating extra room in your new apartment

We often forget about the possibilities that our vertical space offers. Especially in case of lofts or another type of high ceiling home. This solution requires an investment a little time. The loft bed is a great way of creating an extra room in your new apartment. Build a loft bed and you will have additional square footage in your apartment. Space under the bed is free for other furniture pieces. You can have a living room or an office space, under the loft bed. You will add more personal touch to your apartment and get more room.

Bunk bed can be transformed into a loft bed creating extra room in your new apartment
The loft bed is similar to a bunk bed, except it has free space beneath

Space-saving furniture is great to have two in one room

Space-saving furniture is transferable furniture with the purpose of making your home more functional. If you use a combination of space-saving furniture pieces, you can make extra room. For example, use a wall-mounted bed if you don’t have enough room for a regular bed. You would be surprised at how many interesting space-saving furniture pieces you can buy today. Whether you decide to divide space with those pieces of furniture or you get transferable furniture and simply transfer coffee table into the dining table, you will succeed in creating extra room in your new apartment and it will be excellent.

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