Common obstacles with roommates and solutions

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    Life is full of little and big conflicts. Some of them we can salve easily and some of them we can’t. Those conflicts come in various shape and sizes. And most common obstacles with roommates come when there are no conversations about them. Let’s learn about all the solutions on these problems everyone with a room encountered some day.

    The different sleeping schedule is on of  common obstacles with roommates

    This can happen for many reasons. Perhaps they work night shift and vice versa. Or it is just that some people prefer mornings, while others work best during the night. The problem occurs when two of those people start living together. This is a problem especially if you are a light sleeper! Every sound you make can wake up your roommate and spark a feud. And that thing is not something you really need at that moment. So, what is the best solution for it? You both deserve to sleep as much as you can.

    So how can you come to terms with your roomie? If you both have some free time and one of you wants to catch some sleep, then talk about it. One of you should always be able to leave the place for at least a couple of hours. Just so the other one can rest for a bit. Remember, a good communication is a key to a solution to every problem! This is an issue with people moving to New York. Since New York is a very vibrant city, it can be difficult to find some peace and quiet. Just compromise and you will find a solution in no time!

    Respect each others sleeping schedule

    Overall hygiene and home cleaning

    We can’t stress enough how much talking and consideration are the keys here! People come in different shapes, sizes and mentality. When it comes to house cleaning, one of the most common obstacles with roommates, it can easily go into full conflict. This „magical“ chore wheel turns in a strange way. You do not know with who you will end up with, especially during college years. Cleaning is a very important issue in your home. Most of the time people do not want to clean other peoples messes. And neither do you!

    To be honest, every problem here begins with peoples ego. That’s right, even with yours. Now, a good way to find a solution to these common obstacles with roommates is to think without ego. Their personal preferences do not mean they disrespect you. It is just that they learned to live in a certain way and they are used to it. You should listen to them, and they should listen to you. Only then can you figure out a solution for your problems. If you have more items than you need then consider renting a storage unit. Cheap storage Manhattan units come very cheaply for college students. And that way you can easily solve one of your problems here.

    Why are they a great solution?

    Storage units are a great way to make sure there is enough room in your home for you and your roommate. You will at the same time put your stuff to a safe place and ease on chores. There are other options when it comes to storage units for students you can think about as well. Know them to make your life with your roommate a lot easier.

    Vacuum used to clean a room
    Chores prove to be one of the common obstacles with roommates

    Having a pet – yes or no?

    Now, this is a topic everyone must consider! In the end, we all love animals! But we simply do not know how well people live with them. Are they allergic? Do they even want an animal in the house? According to people who lived with roommates having pets is one of the common obstacles with roommates. If in the end, they do not want to have a pet, then you can’t do anything about it. Pets require a lot of commitment and time. And if you or your roomie want one, you both need to commit to it. You should both agree that you want a pet. And no party here should be in a position to „blackmail“ the other side by bringing an animal in. This can spark a lot of fights that can end badly between the two of you. In the end, if you really can’t find a solution for pets, then we recommend finding some other affordable place to live in Manhattan. Unfortunately, this is the only solution you can have for now. Until you find a roommate that is ok with animals and vice versa.

    A puppy as a pet is one of the common obstacles with roommates
    Some people do not want to live with pets

    Significant other sleeping over in the apparent

    This issue is very common. Among all common obstacles with roommates, this one can be a real pain in the neck. It is ok if the lover is visiting occasionally. But the problem begins when they start staying for too long. And as the time goes by, they start living there longer and longer. And before you know it, they move in without even asking. Now, this issue is common because they do not think about it rationally. They are in love and just want to spend time together. All the while you see how the bills rise bigger and bigger. This problem isn’t impossible to solve. Just tell your roommate that you do not want to have a freeloader, or you do not want to live with a couple. If he/she moves in, he/she should pay for expenses that happen during their stay. This is only fair because you do not need to pay for the bills they make.


    A couple holding hands
    Significant other shouldn’t be a freeloader

    Common obstacles with roommates are not that easy to solve. Especially if both sides are stubborn and can’t or won’t find a solution. First and the best thing you can do is to exclude ego and just talk with your roomie. All issues can be salved with conversations and communications. Tells us, what experience do you have? How did you solve your problems with your roommates? Write it down in the comment section! We are happy to hear from you!

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