Clever hacks for freshmen packing for college

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    Are you a freshman and packing for a move for the first time? In this case, there is no better place to be at this moment. Our experts from Heart Moving NYC will be more than glad to help you with this big step in your life. As packing is never easy, we will try to ease up your upcoming task and share some useful hacks with you. Although many families know some of the usual essentials that students should bring to college, it is not easy to remember everything that one freshman should pack. For that reason, we will discuss freshmen packing for college and try to make this process for you pleasant and easy. Stay with us and turn your packing into pure fun and joy! Even though you are in front of an important step, you can make it with our help!

    Get ready for freshmen packing for college

    Whether you are a freshman, parent, or friend trying to help a young student prepare for an upcoming journey, you will find this short article helpful. One of the first pieces of advice you should take from us is to forget about all other tasks before you finish this one. So, leave the shopping and purchasing items you will need as a student after you get to the dorm. For now, just focus on packing things from your household. Whether you planning to hire packing services NYC or you will do this task on your own, create an inventory list of belonging you should pack. This list will help you prevent skipping important items you will need all year long.

    Check out our freshmen packing for college hacks.
    Take a look at our freshmen packing for college hacks.

    Since students are living in small dorm rooms, make sure to pack only things you truly need. Besides, try to stick to just one suitcase and a few moving boxes if possible. In case you are hiring cross country movers NYC, maybe you will need to pack more of your clothes and place them in the storage unit you should find near your college.

    Smart ways for freshmen packing for college

    Now we want to remind you of the smart ways to pack your belongings. Firstly, remember this wise hack- roll your clothes to save the space inside your suitcase but also moving box. Secondly, keep in mind you need to prevent scratching of your shoes. So, take the advice from or moving service Manhattan experts and use shower caps to protect your shoes from damages.

    Packing clothes
    Learn how to pack your belongings properly.

    Another great way to save space during student packing for college is to pack the socks in your shoes. Not only this will maximize the space but it will also keep the shape of your shoes intact. So, whether you are looking for cheap storage Manhattan or you will bring only essentials with you, use these smart hacks to maximize your space and keep your belongings undamaged. So, you can pack some of your clothes in trash bags, too. And remember, make sure to prevent shampoo spills. For that reason, use plastic wrap over the top of your cosmetic bottles.

    Other great tricks for student packing

    Planning to keep your jewelry during the student move? Make sure to find a way to keep it safe. No, you don’t need to research Amazon to purchase expensive jewelry boxes, all you need is a button. And what if you need to avoid tangling chains? Use straws and thread every chain necklace through a straw. Hope you will enjoy freshmen packing for college!


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