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    Decorating and arranging furniture after moving is the most exciting part. You may be impatient, but before enjoying your new home and the charms of New York City, don’t forget to clean your NYC home after the relocation. A home without dust, dirt and mess is the nicest and the most enjoyable home. Check our tips and clean your home fast and efficiently. Long distance movers NYC have the best equipment and experienced employees to help you relocate your household safely and fast to the Big Apple.

    Make a group activity to clean your NYC home after the relocation

    Cleaning an average apartment requires time. But cleaning after relocating to a new home requires much more. If you can’t clean your NYC home yourself, ask your friends or family members to help you. Make a fun event out of the cleaning day! Ask them to clean the home together, and when you’re done, you can order pizza and refreshments and relax watching movies! During renovation or cleaning the house, it’s important to have an empty and vast space to move around. Before you clean your NYC home, make sure to store boxes and household on some other place until you finish. If you need a safe place to store things, explore Manhattan moving and storage options.

    a building in NYC
    Make it a fun event out of cleaning day. Invite a few friends to help you, and when you’re done, order pizza and refreshments and make a movie night!

    Gather all cleaning supplies

    Before you clean your NYC home, gather all moving cleaning supplies and products you’re going to need. How many cleaning products you’ll need, depends on the size of the apartment. We are going to mention basic cleaning supplies that you may need:

    • White vinegar
    • Disinfecting cleaners
    • Baking soda
    • Dusting cloths
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Mops
    • Rubber gloves
    • Brushes
    • Furniture polish

    Once you finish with cleaning your NYC home, start decorating! If you’re on a budget, there are amazing and cheap ways to remodel a living room after moving to New York.

    Declutter your new space

    There are many relocation challenges for first time NYC renters. Cleaning your new home is among first. But before you start to clean your NYC home, pay attention to moving boxes and things you don’t need. It’s important to declutter your new space before cleaning. Check room by room and pick up the clutter. There must be some paperbacks, newspapers, old stuff and trash to put away.

    Start by cleaning the floors

    Whether you have carpets and rugs or just floors, cleaning the floors is your first task when cleaning your NYC apartment. This is if your apartment is almost empty. But if you have some countertops and furniture, you need to do the dusting and vacuuming first. If you clean the floors first and then do dusting, some dust will fall on your freshly cleaned floor. After that you can wash, mop or wipe surfaces with a mop. Start mopping from the farthest corner of the room and move back towards the doorway. Make sure to rinse the mop every time you complete a 4-by-4-foot area.

    cleaning the floor - sweep the floors to clean your NYC home
    Make sure to sweep the kitchen and bathroom floors before you unbox household and clean your NYC home to the smallest details.

    Disinfect countertops and surfaces

    The hygiene of your new home is very important, especially if you’re moving with kids. If you have pets, this applies to them, too. Make sure to clean your NYC home and disinfect all surfaces. You need to disinfect countertops, cabinets, doorknobs, light switches, telephones and everything in the bathroom. What you can do is use vinegar for cleaning. It’s easy to make a nontoxic disinfection solution by mixing one-fourth to a half cup of white or apple cider vinegar with a cup of water.

    vacuum cleaner on rugs - the vacuum is necessary if you want to clean your NYC home
    If you’re moving with kids, but you have pets, too, don’t be lazy to vacuum all rugs and carpets thoroughly after the move.

    Clean the windows

    Clean windows play a big role in the beauty of your home. Don’t leave them dirty. Use a glass cleaner to wash the windows. When you finish, start with cleaning the blinds. To clean them fast, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. You can also place a dryer sheet in a pair of tongs and wipe off the blinds.

    Cleaning the kitchen

    Prepare and clean the fridge

    There are no rules for what to clean first, but let’s just say you need to clean things you are going to use first after relocating. When cleaning your NYC home, start with the kitchen. The fridge is the thing you’re going to need first. If your fridge is empty and defrosted it will take up to 20 minutes to clean it. Remove the shelves and clean them with soap and water. For the freezer use a solution made of part water and part vinegar. Let it dry and store your favorite food!

    a girl opening the fridge - don't forget to clean the fridge if you want to clean your NYC home
    Fridge is among the first things you are going to use after relocation. Make sure you clean it and check if it’s working as usual.

    Clean the stove

    One more tip to help you clean your New York home. Did you know that 41% of all home fires start in the kitchen due to the stove issues? You can eliminate the flammable grease and grime on burners if you soak your stove burners in ammonia. Just make sure to unplug the stove first.

    Clean the garbage disposal

    There’s going to be a lot of garbage after moving to a new apartment in New York. When you finish decluttering and clean your NYC house, you’re going to notice the smell from your garbage disposal. You can make the disposal smell fresh and brand-new with lemon and ice! Don’t waste money on buying fancy cleaning products. Almost every home has some ice and lemon in the kitchen. Cut up a lemon and pick some ice cubes. Throw them down and turn on the power. The lemon will make the garbage disposal smell fresh while the ice cubes will keep the blades sharp.

    Make your bathroom shine

    The kitchen and the bathroom are the most important places to clean in your new home. When it comes to the bathroom, focus on disinfection. Use quality cleaners and sanitize the doorknobs, faucets and light switches. Clean the toilet seat thoroughly, or just replace it, it’s not expensive. You can also spray cleaner on the bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilets. One extra tip – use grapefruit and salt to scrub the bathtub. The citrus fruits are perfect for cleaning a dirty tub. Cut the fruit and cover it in salt. The salt will create an abrasive texture while the citric acid will break down stains.

    Hire professional cleaning services

    New York lifestyle is really fast. People are often too busy to deal with cleaning and repairing the home. If you don’t have enough time to clean your NYC home after the relocation, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. Moving can be an extremely exhausting process, and professional cleaners will clean your new apartment fast with the best vacuum cleaners and supplies.

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