Can you find a cheap storage in Manhattan?

Storage facilities are more and more seen in Manhattan. And it is no surprise. The moving industry has developed tremendously in Manhattan since a lot of people have been moving either in or out of it. But even besides moving, there are a lot of circumstances where you might find yourself needing cheap storage in Manhattan. Maybe you decided that you want to go on a long journey or you are thinking about moving your job. All in all, if you want to find affordable storage in NYC here is how to approach looking for it.

Don’t get stuck in your neighborhood

If location is not a problem, don’t make it one. Depending on the area where the storage is situated, the prices can vary drastically. The price of storage often correlates with the average price of apartment rent. And Manhattan is notorious for having high average rent. So you would be smart to look for more cheaper neighborhoods. If you don’t need regular access to your possessions you don’t need them close by. For instance, if you are moving your company, pack the things you will need in the first couple of months and let office movers Manhattan move you. For everything else, you can afford for it to be far away from you since you won’t be needing it that often. A bit of distance between you and your things can mean a lot of money saved.

Manhattan is expensive
Manhattan can be expensive. Especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Look around Manhattan

Even though Manhattan is expensive, there are places where you can find that offer affordable storage. Mind you, this won’t be overly cheap, but if you are keen on renting a cheap storage in Manhattan, here are some places you should check out. Getting informed about their prices will give you a clearer idea of what can you expect out of other storage units.

Pick the right type of cheap storage in Manhattan

When you start looking at storage facilities you will see that there are many types of storage units. Figuring out which one you need will help you pick the right one. But before you start looking for cheap storage in Manhattan, you should do some research on what can you expect.

Climate control

Storage units that have climate control are good but expensive. Keeping your storage at a set temperature will keep your possessions safe from environmental damage, but it will cost you money. In order to avoid this, consider only storing things that are not susceptible to damage from temperature changes. Store only the things that are resilient,  and be sure to wrap and pack them properly. Climate controlled units are great, but you want to avoid them if you want to save some money.

Climate control
If you want to find cheap storage in Manhattan you should avoid climate controlled storage units

Pick the right size

What? There are many different sizes of storage units? Well, of course, there are. And if you want to save money you need to figure out which one is the right size for you. The bigger the unit the more expensive it is, so you want to rent the smallest possible. You will need to figure out what exactly you need to store, and then to pack it. Then you should figure out how to most efficiently arrange the packed items for storage in order for them to take the least amount of room. Once you have that figured out, you can start figuring out what size of storage unit do you need. The usual sizes of storage units are:

  • 5×5 – This is if you have to store small furniture or some tables and boxes
  • 5×10 – About the size of a walk-in closet. Perhaps slightly larger furniture will fit like a mattress or sofa.
  • 7.5×10 – Here you can fit a bedroom or a small apartment.
  • 10×10 – A larger bedroom can be stored here along with a reasonable number of boxes.
  • 10×15 – Two bedroom apartment or a small house can be stored there but without the appliances.
  • 10×20 – The size of a 24-foot moving truck. Here you can fit a full home with appliances or a larger apartment.
  • 10×25 – This is for a larger house or a mansion.
  • 10×30 – The largest one. Here you can fit pretty much whatever you want. This is the size of a 40-foot moving truck.

Financial awareness

When you know what size you are looking for, the job is half done. Now you need to figure out how to financially approach storing your possessions. You need to look online to see if there are any financial benefits to different storage units. Some storages can change their prices depending on the month of storage. Others tend to be cheaper depending on the length of the move and the type of payment. Some offer discounts. There are many things you should weigh out if you want to find cheap storage in Manhattan.

Calculating the price of your cheap storage in Manhattan
Only with careful calculations can you figure out what storage is really the cheapest.

Paying in advance

Everyone likes to be paid in advance, and storage units are no exception. If you know how long you will need storage for you should consider saving some money and paying for the full length in advance. More often than not, a storage company will offer you a discount. Just try and find one where you will have the option of prolonging your storage period if necessary. Unexpected things can happen, and you want to be sure that you have a contingency for every situation.

Comparing options

Once you start looking for affordable Manhattan storage there will be many financial options to compare. Be sure to check for any discounts of penalties. If you want to save money, you have to be smart and well informed. Make sure to check multiple storages so you will have a big pool of options to choose fromMany companies offer first-month discounts or one month free if you pay in advance. Some offer free pickup service and can even offer you moving advice if you need it. Make sure that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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