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    When renting a storage unit for a longer period of time, you may need to use some of the items. On the other hand, if you decide to declutter, you will need to rearrange your items and clean everything. Even when you wish to clear out the unit, follow our tips and keep your storage clean. With a few simple steps, you will avoid taking everything out, repacking each item and putting every box back in.

    Where to start?

    vacuum cleaner
    Gather all the cleaning supplies before you start cleaning your storage area.

    When relocating to New York City, you might find a smaller home for you and your family. That is why moving to Manhattan may require additional storage space, especially if you move from a house into a smaller apartment. In this situation, you have to find a storage facility that suits your specific requirements. On the other hand, you should make sure that the facility you choose is safe and the location is not far away from your residence. On the other hand, the storage unit you choose should be big enough for all of the items you wish to keep. That is why you should make sure you keep your storage clean and organized.

    We all rent the storage unit with the idea that we will keep it accessible and well organized but that is not always the case. Sometimes, it may be necessary for you to store more items than you anticipate. And after few visits to your storage unit, the boxes will become disorganized. When that happens you should find time to tidy up. When you keep your storage clean, you will have more access and you may save a lot of time when getting your things. In case you decide you don’t need a storage unit anymore, or you wish to declutter, make sure to clean it from time to time. This way you will keep your belongings safe from mold, mildew, dust etc.

    How to prepare and keep your storage clean?

    When your storage unit needs rearranging and cleaning, you may not even remember everything that is inside your boxes. That is why you should take time to tidy and organize the best way you can. Items inside the storage units may pile up over time. That is why you may not be ready to face all of the boxes behind the door.

    To avoid stress before you start tidying your storage and having to much work on your hands, consider making a plan first. You can only benefit from a great plan that you make in advance. While you wish to keep your storage clean, you may face another obstacle to finishing the entire cleaning process. You may come across items that have a great sentimental value. When this happens you respond emotionally. On the other hand, you may have limited time-frame to finish cleaning and decluttering and you may throw away the items you don’t intend to. None of these situations suits you. That is why you should keep in mind that:

    • You will need to organize and make a great plan before you start. Consider that you may need more than one day to declutter and keep your storage clean.
    • The cleaning process will be easier if you have someone to help you. That is why you should organize your friends and family members in advance to help you finish this task without delays.
    • Have someone to talk to if you get emotional while going through sentimental items.

    Declutter and take inventory

    One of the most important steps when cleaning out your storage unit is to know where everything is. That is why professional storage facility managers advise that you label each box that goes into a storage unit. Also, to keep track of everything, make sure you make the inventory list. This list will be helpful in many ways after you walk in into a storage unit after a longer period of time.

    notebook and pen
    The inventory list should be placed on the visible spot on the wall of your storage unit.

    To make an inventory list that will be on the wall of your storage facility, keep a pen and paper in hand. After you count your boxes, make sure to estimate how much time you will need to go through everything. If you only need to rearrange a few boxes and clean the floor, use this process to write down the contents of each box. To make the process easier consider labeling each box after you take a quick inventory. When you have the labels on the outside, you won’t need to open the boxes again.

    When opening your boxes, make time to start decluttering. Decluttering process is easy and you will need only four boxes for sorting your items – keep, toss, donate or sell and store again. Keep your storage clean and keep the box that you will store again. This way you will save time on repacking and gathering items after you sort them out. When decluttering you should remember to:

    • Divide your work and start with a smaller area first
    • Before you throw away anything, consider donating
    • Don’t transport too many boxes back home and lose free space

    Hire professionals to help

    When is a situation you have to pack your household belongings to move to storage, consider hiring professional packing services NYC for transport? The quality movers can sort your belongings and arrange the boxes so you can see all the labels. Also, your movers can arrange the boxes so you have an isle in the middle.

    female talking on the phone
    Use professional organizers to help you organize your storage unit.

    If you don’t have time to organize and keep your storage clean, you can hire a professional organizer to help you with this endeavor. Before you hire professional movers in Manhattan, make sure to declutter and clean your storage unit is sometimes a great idea. Professional organizers won’t have emotional attachments to your belongings and will do the work more efficiently.

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