Best parts of Manhattan for young entrepreneurs 

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    Already moved to Manhattan and have a plan that might succeed? Are you searching for the best parts of Manhattan for young entrepreneurs? Well, you are in the right place! Here we will give you top locations for different types of businesses you can start! Knowing them, you will increase your chances of making it big in this competitive world!

    Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

    This part of Brooklyn is famous for its artisan restaurants. It is a place where people enjoy both traditional meals and Borklyn styled ones. One of the famous places here is Cooklyn! This Greek style restaurant with a pinch of Brooklyn leaves everyone breathless. People here enjoy all sorts of meals. And they gladly experiment with all sorts of cuisines from all around the world. So, if you have any idea you can use to open a restaurant here, use it! This place will surely provide you with more than enough customers! But before you rent a place here and move in, find a good affordable Manhattan storage unit. Place your kitchen appliances, tables, seats and everything else here. That way, they will be ready to put in the moment you finish adapting the interior.

    Manhattan for young entrepreneurs offers the best places where they can open a good restaurants

    Washington Heights, Manhattan

    This is one of the most affordable parts of Manhattan for young entrepreneurs! With its excellent commuting system, you can get to any place at any time. Also, there are a lot of young people here. Washington Heights also prides itself as one of the most bike-friendly places. Although the nightlife is not so great as in other parts of Manhattan, this is one of the safest places. It is located in between Inwood and Hamilton Heights. With it, there also is Hudson Heights. The commute to Midtown here takes approximately 30 minutes. Have in mind, that this place consists of mostly Dominican folks.

    There are a lot of Latin restaurants and places here. The most popular spot where a lot of new places open is along Broadway and 181st Street. Perhaps it is a good thing that the nightlife is not so rich here. It opens an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to perhaps open a new nightclub here. And with a lot of young people, who knows? Maybe you can make it big!

    Girl riding a bike casually
    Washington Heights are bike friendly

    Astoria, Queens

    What is most intriguing about Astoria it is greatly diverse restaurant scenes! Yes, we already mentioned the food industry, but, we have to mention Astoria as well. It is a good place for opening an office here or again, a restaurant. There are a lot of affordable places to eat here. So you do not have to worry about getting a healthy meal at a good price. Also, consider finding a good office movers Manhattan. Since they do know the importance of that fast-paced life here, and they value your time as well. If again you think about opening a food place rather than some other office, this is the right spot! People live the fast-paced life and need to eat on the go!  What you can offer them is a fast food place that offers healthy food they didn’t eat yet! Try it out! You know everyone loves food!

    Kitchen staff in successful restaurant in one of the best parts of Manhattan for young entrepreneurs
    Residents of Astoria love to eat in unique fast food restaurants

    Ridgewood, Queens

    Yet again, queens neighborhood comes on our list. This time it is Ridgewood.  What places Ridgewood on our list of best parts of Manhattan for young entrepreneurs is his high availability. Not only is it cheap to live here, but also the commute is excellent with high regard to bikes as well. The younger population is very high here, so you will see a more lively and vibrant place. Ridgewood is a family based neighborhood. Which means that all business revolves around families. Whether they are family businesses or the offer some sort of family services. This is a great place if you wish to open that sort of business.

    Literally, everything revolving families can succeed here. Whether it is some sort of sports center, toy store, restaurant or something else. In no way, you will fail. You just have to explore a bit, what are the most asked for a thing in Ridgewood right now. And provide it to them. There are also a lot of old places for rent. Not only apartments but business places as well. Consider finding a good designer and remodelling crew to help you adapt to your new place.

    Two teens laughing
    Ridgewood has a high percentage of young population

    Chinatown, Manhattan

    Chinatown takes its rightful place on our list because of one main reason. And that reason is, the residents love cats! There are just so many cat-friendly places where you can not even count them. You could spend every weekend in some new place and still not visit them all. This place is perfect for a good pet store. There are a lot of pet owners here that really need a pet store with all the accessories, food and vitamins. So they will have a reliable source of said items for their little pets. They will come so often to your store that you will be really busy with all the work. If you are as much as an animal person as I am, then this is a must do!

    Opening a store here means a secure income and a lot of good new friendships. It will help you out to know how the transportation works here. This will surely help you with your business. Learn how commuting service works in Manhattan and use it the best way you can.

    a kitten
    There are a lot of pet-friendly restaurants in Chinatown

    A day in life always comes, when we want to venture out and start a business. It does not hurt to know all the benefits Manhattan offers. And also, which are the best places to start. Knowing what are the best parts of Manhattan for young entrepreneurs gives you a significant advantage. Which means you are that much closer in fulfilling your goal. Tell us in the comment section below, what is your experience? What do you suggest and what do you think about Manhattan so far? We are happy to hear from you soon!



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