Best gift ideas for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights

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    Going to a housewarming party means that you should bring a gift. But, that gift should be something that will enrich the home you are going to. And that will actually be useful. Yet something that the person you are visiting doesn’t already have. It’s often difficult to pick out the perfect present. But, there are some great items that you can get for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights. Items that will make their home homier. And most importantly, items that they have a use for and will actually use. Here are some great gift ideas that you can use.

    Which items do the first-time homeowners in Washington Heights need?

    There are many items that all homeowners need. They have just finished moving. Their Washington Heights movers have brought their belongings. And they are just beginning to unpack. Currently, their life is very messy. And they will need time to settle and adjust to the new reality of home-owning. That’s why your gift should be meaningful. Not something you can pick up at a local dollar store. It should represent them, their lives, as well as you as a gift-giver. But most importantly, when buying a housewarming present, it should be something useful. 

    housewarming present for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights
    Housewarming gift should be something personal but useful

    Every home needs many different items. From dishes to plants. And after spending a lot of money on buying a home, your friends will probably need all the help they can get. So, make sure you get them something nice.

    Houseplants are great for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights

    Renting an apartment has its upsides as well as downsides. One of the negative aspects is the limitations. In some apartments, you aren’t even able to have houseplants. That’s why a houseplant is a great gift idea for new homeowners. There are many great indoor plants that will work great in their new home. From small ones to tall ones. Pick something that you think they will like. Water it, prepare it and bring it as a housewarming present. 

    Full serving dishes are a great housewarming present

    When moving into a new home people need everything. No matter how big or small the items are. As long as it’s useful it’s welcome. They are, after all, starting fresh. So, getting them a full set of dishes is a great way to help out. If you are not too sure about the color, go with white. And as for the shape, it’s up to your imagination. But, don’t go too extravagant. You want your present to be useful. Something that they will be able to use on a daily basis. 

    set of dishes for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights
    Set of dishes is a great gift for people who have just bought their first home

    Other kitchen utensils 

    Aside from the dishes, they will also need many other kitchen utensils. And that’s where you can get really creative. You can get them, for example, a personalized cutting board. That will make their kitchen feel cozier and homier. Or buy them a set of brightly colored utensils.  

    First-time homeowners need a set of tools

    Owning a home is a big privilege. But, it’s also a pretty big responsibility. Maintaining a home requires both knowledge and tools. And that’s why getting them a toolbox with a set of tools is a great housewarming present for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights. Even if it’s not something that they will regularly use. It’s something that every homeowner should have.

    Fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit are something first-time homeowners in Washington Heights should have

    This sounds like a strange gift for a housewarming party. But, owning a home is very different than renting one. And while they probably had this in their rental, they most likely don’t have it in the home they own. If other, more common, gifts have already been taken by other people, this can be something useful that you can buy. 

    Piano cleaning kit

    If your friends own a piano, then buying them a piano cleaning kit as a great present. And will come very handy. After piano movers Manhattan finish moving their piano, it will need cleaning and polishing. Especially if it wasn’t polished in a long time. So, getting them this kit can be a great present and something that they can use. They are generally not too cheap, but also not too expensive.

    Wall art or framed photos make a home warmer

    Buying a housewarming present isn’t always about the usefulness of items. It’s also about little details that make a house or an apartment homier. Your friends will need to make their new house into a home. And items like framed photos or wall art can go a long way into making it possible. You can pick out a nice frame and have their photo printed and framed. Or you can simply choose a nice painting or a printed photo that will go well with their lifestyle. 

    candles as a gift for fist-time homeowners
    Scented candles are a great present that makes the home cozier

    Scented candles are a great housewarming gift

    Making a house into a cozy home requires a lot of items. Items that first-time homeowners in Washington Heights buy over time. You can help them out by buying them a set of scented candles. It’s a great housewarming present. 

    A welcome mat is something they probably forgot to buy

    Having a funny and interesting welcome mat is something that every home-owner wants. But, it’s something that you usually skip on buying for the first couple of days after moving in. After all, they have more important things to deal with. That’s why buying them a welcome mat is a great housewarming present. 

    Home Maintenance for Dummies

    You know those “…for dummies” books that seem to cover everything from shopping to flying a plane? Well, there is one called “Home Maintenance for Dummies”. It’s a fun and interesting gift that is sure to produce a couple of laughs. And it can also be useful. 

    Picking a housewarming present for first-time homeowners in Washington Heights 

    As you can see, picking a housewarming present is all about helping your friends make a home out of their new place. So you should focus on items that are both useful and appealing. Or the ones that help make their home more comfortable and homey. But, no matter what they choose, always have in mind that it should represent them as well as you and your friendship. 

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