Best coffee shops in Manhattan

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    Whether or not you are local, or just settled in Manhattan, it is a good thing to know about the place. This time we will provide you with the commentary about the best coffee shops in Manhattan. So, the next time you head out somewhere, you will find a good place to spend your time. Enjoying all the different types of coffee and the environment as well.


    This beautiful little coffee shop is a gem in Brooklyn. He is on our list of best coffee shops in Manhattan because it is well hidden. Hidden from all the urban problems, stress, and things that may make your day hard. It has its specific black exterior that perfectly hides the inner majestic beauty of this place. Why, how? Simple! There is a beautiful garden as well as a large indoor place filled with lights and colors. We like to joke how this is exactly the reason why people should move here! Relocating to Manhattan has its own benefits, and this little coffee shop is just one of them!

    Girls laughing and enjoying one of the best coffee shops in Manhattan
    Best coffee shops in Manhattan relieve you from stress

    Birch Coffee – one of the best coffee shops in Manhattan

    Birch coffee radiates with his own positive energy. But, unlike some hype active places, you will enjoy a smooth vibe filled with relaxation and good music. This place is almost always crowded because there are a lot of office buildings around it. And because of how popular it is, the prices are a bit higher than in other places. The Birch Coffee shop prides itself on its Kyoto drip iced coffee. It is expensive as $4 but it is very tasty and good. And this iced coffee helped Birch Coffee place to find its spot on the best coffee shops in Manhattan list.

    You can also order wine and beer, but people prefer coffee from here. Since this coffee is located near office buildings, you can imagine what kind of work is done around it. There is a lot of office moving there as well. So in the break time, people tend to take a rest here. Ask experienced office movers Manhattan about the office relocation, and spend your time here while they finish it. You will surely enjoy it.

    Image of iced latte
    Iced Latte is a specialty here

    Happy Bones

    This small and very quiet coffee shop is a try gem in Little Italy. You can take a rest from all the New York City hustle here. People often come here to rest from all the problems urban life in the city gives. It is decorated in a minimalistic style where you can enjoy the local artwork and global publications. There are also big white walls. While you enjoy a delicious espresso here, you can buy their own original shell spoons. While you are reading your morning papers, eating breakfast you can enjoy it all with their specialties.

    You can meet a lot of different and very creative people from NYC here. And every single one of them seeks the peace and comfort this coffee shop provides. Only shops like these end up on our list of best coffee shops in Manhattan. Also, people like to spend their Thanksgiving day here. Mostly those who just want peace and quiet time. Check out other Thanksgiving Day activities in Manhattan and how to spend them! You will surely find one that suits you!

    Image of an espresso
    Don’t forget to try out the espresso here



    Do you love Instagram? Are you an artsy kind of person who loves taking photos! Then Maman is the perfect place for you! Old style type of decoration is what gives this coffee shop a welcoming note! There are “old people” stuff everywhere and their coffee cups are just adorable. Enjoy your time here tasting beautiful cappuccinos and French cuisine. After a very stressful day, you can really take a rest there. Especially if you are new to Manhattan and find it stressful to commute.

    While you are sipping that first sip of morning coffee here, consider the easiest way to travel in Manhattan. As this is the perfect way you can learn more about your city. But, boy oh boy, we know this topic can make you hungry! And we can’t all function on an empty stomach! You can order and buy pastries in the back of this coffee shop. They are always fresh and hot. So take care not to burn yourself.  Maman coffee shop is located all over the city! So no matter where you are, you will surely find peace in those places! This French like coffee shops deserves its place here among other best coffee shops in Manhattan.


    Pastry in a box
    The pastry is always fresh in Maman

    Toby’s estate

    This coffee shop comes from Australia. And it just opened a few years ago. Trendy tourists and hipsters simply love this place! This proved to be the right choice of the owners, and they easily opened more places you can visit. Such places are in West Village and Flatiron. While you are here, order some avocado toast and granola bowls. As they are perfect meals you can have to start your day. Among other coffees you can order here, cappuccinos are the best. Start your day right and find yourself lost in the beauty of this coffee shop. Take a rest here after a long day of commuting in Manhattan. We all know how ridiculously stressful it is. But during your travels in the Manhattan, figure out the best ways to entertain yourself while commuting. Just so you won’t end up having a bad day because of a bad city transport.

     The list of best coffee shops in Manhattan is so long that it would take us too many pages to fulfill it. But we figured out these 5 are a good start for any newcomer in Manhattan. Do you know any other oasis of little peace in NYC? Share it with us, and let’s have a sip of perfect coffee while you plan your relocation here!

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