Benefits of life in the suburbs outside NYC

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    Living in New York City may be a dream come true for most people. On the other hand, when your family grows and you need more space, you might consider moving. One of your options is the life in the suburbs outside The Big Apple. If you are considering this step, take a look at all the benefits of life in the suburbs.

    Before you decide to move to the suburbs

    NYC is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. That is why many people decide to move after some time. The city is urban and rural with a lot to offer. However, living in the big city has its downfalls. One of the reasons people decide to relocate and find a new home at one of the affordable NYC suburbs is the high rent prices. The lack of parking and storage space is another reason. Many people decide to rent Manhattan storage units when they live in a small apartment in the heart of the NYC city.

    NYC skyline
    NYC is one of the most interesting cities in the world but it is very expensive at the same time. That is why many people decide to move.


    Before you decide to move out of the NYC, consider all the benefits of life in the suburbs. Put of paper all of the reasons why you wish to change your location. After you make a final decision to relocate to the suburbs, make sure to calculate your moving costs. There is no doubt that life in the suburbs of the big city will be cheaper in the long run.

    Benefits of life in the suburbs

    There are numerous benefits of living in the suburbs of the big city like New York. You are close to the main events but you can still live in a spacious home with a lot of space. And the best thing is that your new suburban neighboorhood is more affordable.

    Housing options

    suburb home for sale
    Suburb homes are more spacious and cheaper at the same time.

    Its no secret that live in the NYC is expensive but the most aspect of the life in the NYC is rent. If you are among the lucky few that own their own homes in this big city you don’t have to move around and pay huge rents and deposits. However, one of the benefits of the life in the suburbs is a bigger home for a smaller amount of money.

    Recent surveys show that renting in the NYC is twice more expensive than in the suburbs area. You could rent a two bedroom apartment in the suburbs for the price of one half of a two-bedroom in a city. Also, that is not the only difference. Most of the buildings in the city that rent out apartments tend to be older and smaller in size. On the other hand, houses in suburbs outside NYC are newer and more spacious. If you are thinking of becoming an owner of your new home for you, your family and your pet you might consider buying a house in the NYC suburbs.

    More space and free parking

    There are other benefits of life in the suburbs like free parking and lots of space. You don’t have to worry about having a car and parking it in front of your home. That is one of the best things about living in the suburbs. Suburbs are usually more secure and as a part of the community, you don’t have to worry about living your car. Your car can park for a minute or two in front of the store or stopping to drop kids off for school.

    Great school districts

    Suburbs have better public schools than inner cities. Research shows that graduation rates are higher in the suburbs than in urban areas. If you are planning to move to the suburbs outside NYC make sure you check the schools in that area. When moving with a family, suburban life has many benefits. You can enjoy big city events, have a job close by and at the same time enjoy your spacious home and a backyard.

    Moving to the suburbs

    parking space
    One of the benefits of life in the suburbs is a free space for parking in front of your home.

    Moving to the suburbs can be a big decision. Before you decide about all of the benefits of life in the suburbs, consider that your future neighborhood won’t be as noisy and crowded as NYC. On the other hand, organizing the moving process is far less complicated.

    Moving to suburbs outside New York City is not hard to organize. You just need a little bit of free time and patience. The first step is finding quality Manhattan moving company for your relocation and ask for the moving quote. This quote represents the projection of the moving costs. After you ask for a quote, the movers will access the amount of the items you need to relocate, the distance of your move and other moving parameters. The moving quote may also include all of the additional moving services like packing and storage.

    Before you hire any long distance movers NYC makes sure to check the moving company’s credentials. You can ask for the companies license and the id number and check them online at FMCSA official website. That way you will be certain you are choosing reliable movers for your relocation. Choosing professional movers to transport your belongings to your new suburban home is the best decision because of great movers:

    • Have years of experience in handling different kinds of relocation
    • Are fast and efficient. They can move your home in just a day or two
    • Use professional packing supplies to secure your belongings for transport
    • Offer various insurance policies when moving your belongings
    • Use proper tools and equipment to handle bulky and heavy items with ease

    Other benefits of living outside the big city

    After you move into your new home, you may find out there are other benefits of life in the suburbs:

    • Less pollution in the suburbs area outside of NYC
    • Strong sense of the community
    • More nature to explore and enjoy
    • Safety
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