Affordable Manhattan neighborhoods to settle in

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    Big Apple is called that for a reason. It is very big. And being so big has its upsides and its downsides. One of the upsides is that if you know how to look you can find affordable housing in good neighborhoods. You just need to do a bit of online research and be a little NYC street smart. We are here to help you out with finding affordable Manhattan neighborhoods to move into same as providing you with reliable Manhattan moving services

    What’s it like living in Manhattan?

    Manhattan is a vibrant place. A lot of people consider it the living embodiment of the American Dream. But if you want to live here, you would be smart to wake up. Everyone is busy and in a rush and trying to find a job in Manhattan. People from all around the world have come here to make their professional or personal dreams come true. You will see a lot of independent stores, artists studios, and business offices all around Manhattan. With the diversity that Manhattan possesses you should study up on neighborhoods so you can find out which one is best suited for you. You will soon discover that there are big differences from street to street.

    Manhattan neighborhood
    If you look carefully, you will find the neighborhood best suited for you.

    Which are the most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods

    When looking you should keep in mind that Manhattan is costly.  Average monthly costs for a single person are $1253 without rent. So don’t think that you can live here with low income. Rent prices do vary, but don’t expect that you can live in affordable Manhattan neighborhoods unless you make at least $3500 each month.

    • Washington Heights ($2,175 average rent) – when looking for affordable places in Manhattan, Washington Heights should be your first stop. It is a relatively large neighborhood spreading from Manhattan north of Hamilton Heights to Inwood. There is a strong presence of Hispanic culture, especially towards the south and east. If you are an outdoors person and you like to hike, run or picnic, this is the area for you. There are some amazing parks and astonishing views. All in all, you can consider it the “suburbs of Manhattan”.
    • Central Park South($3747 average rent) – This is the quintessential Cosmopolitan Area. By living here you’ll be in walking distance of Fifth Avenue, Carnegie Hall, Time Warner Center and Whole Foods. If consider yourself a young professional on the go, this is the place to be. You are in the middle of Manhattan and you can enjoy running in the Central Park. If there is someplace to experience NYC lifestyle, while not spending too much money, this is it.

      Affordable Manhattan neighborhoods that have view of Central Park
      Never underestimate the luxury of having Central Park in your neighborhood.
    • Roosevelt Island($3379 average rent) – Roosevelt island is more and more becoming a “university town” with a constantly increasing presence of campuses. Here you will easily meet interesting NYC people and have some new and exciting experiences.
    • Tudor City($3287 average rent) – If safety is your concern, Tudor City is the place for you. It is extremely safe with a low crime rate compared to the rest of NYC. Just be warned that apartments tend to be small, so don’t be surprised by their lack of space.
    • Stuyvesant Town($3,517 average rent) – Excellent location is just one of the many great things about Stuyvesant Town. It is right on the 1st avenue. What more could you ask for? Most of the apartments are in nice condition. Plenty of playgrounds and great views to enjoy.
    • Murray Hill($3918 average rent) – For a fresh college graduate, Murray Hill is the place to be. There is a lot of people your age with whom you can socialize and enjoy NYC. There are tons of cheap restaurants and bars in which you can meet them. You will also able to easily walk to work.
    • Turtle Bay($3948 average rent) – For a more family-oriented affordable neighborhood in Manhattan, you should check out Turtle Bay. Beautiful old houses are juxtaposed to the new high rising building so there is plenty for you to explore and to show your children. Mom and pop stores are still alive but are steadily declining in numbers.

    How to save money when settling in Manhattan?

    As you can see, living in Manhattan won’t the cheapest. Hey, you are moving to NYC. That is going to cost. But if you are clever and you don’t want to live in the high rise apartment, there are a couple of things you can do in order to save a few bucks every day and even move up to a neighborhood that suits you best.

    Don’t try to do everything right away

    Manhattan is hungry. It is hungry for ideas, experiences and especially money. And if you rush you will soon find yourself penniless. Take your time. Even if you find the best of affordable Manhattan neighborhoods to settle in, it won’t do you much good if you burn your money if the first couple of months. Take your time and slowly explore. You will soon find where you can save your money and where it is smart to spend it.

    Budget, budget, budget

    When figuring out your new life in Manhattan you need to be in control of your finances. You should try and put everything that you spend on paper. This way you can have better input into where your money goes and how you might be able to save it.

    Whether you live in affordable Manhattan neighborhoods or not will depend on how you spend your money.

    Try spending time in your future neighborhood before you move there

    Figuring out online how much does living in a neighborhood cost can be a tricky thing. If possible, try and live in your desired neighborhood in order to get the real feeling for the place. Ask around and try to socialize with the people in order to learn from their experiences and to get familiar with the neighborhood. Who knows, maybe you won’t like it after all. But it is better to find that out before you move so you can start looking for a new, better one. As you can see there numerous affordable Manhattan neighborhoods to choose from.



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