7 guidelines for moving on a budget

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    When all moving costs add together, relocation isn’t at all the cheap process. Still, there are always some tips and tricks to use when moving on a budget. If you follow these 7 guidelines, you can make your relocation less damaging to your wallet.

    1.Plan ahead and avoid stress

    Moving is always a stressful process, but moving on the budget will only create more tension. By being proactive and planning your move ahead, you can make your move budget-friendly and smoother.
    Moving takes a lot of emotional and physical energy, and if you are not organized, this process will be very hard. You won’t be only in the crunch with money; you will also be lacking time to accomplish moving tasks. Also, the sooner you rent a moving truck or hire movers, the cheaper it will be. The minute after you decide that you will be relocating, you should start making your moving-out checklist.

    Moving on a budget require a detailed planing.
    Good planning is the base of every successful relocation.

    2. Get rid of unnecessary home items

    Decluttering is a very important step when you’re moving on the budget. The amount of this that you’re relocating will affect the total moving costs.
    If you are moving to New York from Miami, for example, that will qualify as the long-distance moving. With this type of move, the moving costs are calculated based on the total weight of your shipment. Meaning – the more things you pack, the more money you will have to spend to relocate it.
    The same thing happens with the local moving. Here the moving costs are based on the amount of the time that movers will spend to load, transport and unload your things. The more belongings that you have, the longer it will take. Therefore, it will be more expensive.

    Even if you are moving on your own you should declutter your home. For more items, you will need a bigger moving vehicle. Hence the higher renting costs and more gas money.
    So you can see that when you’re moving on the budget, it’s necessary to say good riddance to the item that you actually don’t need or like anymore.

    3. Hire reliable, yet affordable movers when moving on a budget

    When you’re moving on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to move on your own. In fact, that can be even more expensive than to hire a moving company.
    Since each relocation is the case to itself, each one has unique difficulties and risks. When you don’t have the necessary experience and knowledge about the proper moving, that can cause serious consequences. There’s a great risk to your belongings and also to your health since the moving injuries are not a joke. They are more common than you can even imagine, and they can create lifetime problems with your health.

    Luckily, there are a lot of reliable moving companies that are affordable, like the long distance movers Manhattan. Also, there are many moving discounts that you are may be eligible to.

    4. Move in the offseason

    If your budget is very tight, then think about moving offseason. The prices of the moving services are much lower in that period of the year. Sure, there can be some inconveniences when you’re moving in the autumn or winter. Still, they are totally worth it if that’s the only way that you can afford hiring movers, which is crucial for the easy and stress-free move.

    5. Save money on packing supplies when moving on a budget

    Packing is the most boring, demanding and tiring part of any relocation. It’s never easy to pack your entire life into boxes and move them across the country. Luckily, there are some great tips for coping with packing your home that can benefit you greatly. When you have a strict budget, one of them will be to be creative with the packing supplies.
    Here are some examples of how you can save some money on packing supplies.

    • Moving boxes – Of course, you will be needing boxes for your move. A lot of them, in different sizes. The great news is that you maybe don’t have to pay for them. There are a lot of ways to find free cardboard boxes in NYC if you learn where to look for them
    • Moving crates – Cardboard boxes are not always suitable for packing very heavy objects. They can rip easily no matter how many layers of tape you use to make them sturdier. That’s when moving crates come to the scene. You can rent them from your movers, but when you’re moving on the budget, every cent counts. Instead, use the suitcases, briefcases, hampers, baskets, plastic bins, and even dresser drawers. These items that you already have in your home are all good containers that are sturdier than the cardboard boxes.
    • Protective materials – There’s no doubt about it that plastic wrapping with bubbles and the packing peanuts are the best protective packing materials. Still, you can save some money if you instead use blankets, sheets, clothes and regular paper for wrapping and protecting your items.
    Pug wrapped into blanket
    Purpose of the blanket is to keep us warm, but it’s also a great wrapping material.

    6. Look for reimbursement and tax deductions

    If you’re moving to another city because your employer is requesting that from you then the company should pay the costs of your relocation.
    In case you can’t get reimbursement, or you’re moving for personal reasons, it’s good to know that some moving costs may be tax deductible.
    Deducting interstate moving costs may require some paperwork, but it will be very beneficial when you’re moving on a budget.
    If you have an accountant or one of your friends does, ask them to check are you eligible for some form of tax deduction.

    When you're moving on the budget always apply for tax deduction
    You maybe get some money back through a tax deduction.

    7. Utility planning

    Transferring your utilities in the just right time will be very beneficial when moving on the budget.  If you’re setting up a new utility account at your new place, that timing is also crucial. There’s no reason to pay for services that you don’t use yet.

    When you know your final moving day date, you can determine when it will be most convenient to switch off the utilities in your current home. Preferably, on the moving day itself.
    Don’t forget to get a meter reading and pay any overdue bills.

    The moving day should also be the date when the utilities in your new home switch on. That way, you will be arriving in the house with power and hot water, and that’s very important after such an exhausting day.

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