6 tips for moving last-minute

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    All mover experts will tell you that the key to a good move is planning everything in detail. That is why they recommend you start the moving process a couple of months before the actual moving date arrives. You need to go over your things and figure out your new location. Then, there are professional movers to find and so much paperwork. This is why moving last-minute can seem like a nightmare. You might feel so much pressure because of all the things you need to do. Basically, you will have to find a way to compress the span of two months into a couple of days! So, how do you do this? Are there any tips that can help you? Well, lucky for you, we have gathered six best advice we can offer! Find out more in this article!

    Logistics are still very important

    Maybe you will think that, since you don’t have too much time to move, thinking about logistics will only spend that valuable resource. However, this is always an important step. Make sure you dedicate at least a couple of hours into creating a list of task you need to do when moving last-minute. These can include getting a home, figuring out what you will do with your items, and calling a moving company.

    A checklist.
    Making a checklist is always good.

    Making lists like these can really help you stay organized during a move. First, they are great for keeping the whole process in check. During the moving process, there might not be a better feeling than crossing something off the list and knowing you are done with it. Secondly, they can help you prepare for what’s coming. For example, you can be figuring out what you’ll do with your stuff, and you know that dealing with paperwork comes next. You can separate documents into one pile as you go through your office, in order to prepare them. Or, while you are searching for a place to rent online, you can also look into one of the many moving companies directories online to find the right movers. Multitasking is the key when you don’t have enough time for your move.

    Get rid of the clutter when moving last-minute

    Another great advice we can give you for moving last-minute is not to get attached to the stuff. The biggest part of moving is the packing process. It doesn’t really matter if you are packing for college or moving for work. Stuffing your whole life into boxes will take time. First, you need to decide what to take with you. Then, you need to find proper materials, and finally, you need to actually pack and secure everything.

    A mess on the table.
    Get rid of the clutter.

    This is why you need to be practical when sorting your items. The fewer things you have for moving, the less time you will spend packing. When going through your stuff, don’t be sentimental. Throw out everything that you don’t need. This way, you are saving time for other chores, and you are saving your money since your stuff won’t weight as much.

    Get ready for anything

    Another thing that we always advise our clients, whether they are moving last-minute or have been thinking about it for a while, is to pack an essentials bag. This is the bag that will have items you need for a short stay in a hotel or motel. Include stuff like pajamas, cosmetics, toothbrush, and a towel in it. You should pack it in case something goes wrong with your move, like the movers being late or stuck in the traffic. You will take this bag in the car with you, so you will be covered for a day or two while you wait for them.

    Be quick while packing

    As we already mentioned, packing will take a lot of time. When you are moving last-minute, this is not a luxury you have. So, one thing that you might find different about this type of move is that you should turn off your brain when packing your home. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you should just pack everything up. Don’t worry about theme items by room or by their purpose. You will have all the time in the world to sort them out in your new home.

    You won't use an hourglass to measure the time for moving last-minute but you will need to think about the time.
    You will need to do things quickly.

    Maybe in all this rush, you won’t even have time for proper packing materials. This is where you need to get a little creative. You can either ask your long distance movers Manhattan for some of their items, or you can use soft items like towels or blankets as cushioning. This might not be perfect, but when you are running out of time you take what you can get.

    Don’t be afraid to call for help

    What are friends for if not to help you when you are moving last-minute? This is the perfect time to call them for help since more people will be able to do a job quicker. This is where your logistic planning will come through. You can give everyone a task, and figure out the whole move together.

    Finally, when you are moving to New York, you can also just let the movers do some things themselves. A professional company will have workers with experience in all sorts of moves, including the ones you need to do fast. So, if you are moving last-minute, one of the first things you should look into is finding good movers. From there, they can help you with the logistics and figuring out your schedule while you work on packing, or they can pack while you run around figuring out what to do with utilities or finishing the paperwork.

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