5 Ways to update your NYC kitchen for the ultimate look

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    Renovating your NYC kitchen can be very pricey, depending on your desire and possibilities. If you want to update your NYC kitchen instead of complete renovation, with the right contractor, it can be a smooth stress-free project. These 5 ways to update your kitchen are perfect to achieve the ultimate look.

    Set your budget before you start planning

    As we already said, kitchen renovations are very expensive in New York City. If you need to do complete renovation with electric and plumbings, you better prepare for a seriously high cost. Especially if you want everything customized, maybe with new appliances, it will cost you tens of thousand dollars. If you are moving in, you need to plan these expenses so you know what to expect in the near future. Add this to your moving expenses and you are looking at a huge amount. 

    Make sure to hire a local moving company for your relocation. Research the internet but also try to find recommendations for a reliable Clinton moving company. It is important to avoid moving scams, especially when you have more expenses waiting for after the move.

    5 ways to update NYC kitchen

    We present you five, most effective ways to improve your kitchen for the ultimate look. Before we start, you need to understand that remodeling requires more than a decent amount of money. There are two ways for you to spend that money: on new appliances and materials for renovation; and on the contractor and permits. 

    The first part is completely up to you. You will decide on your budget and the future look. But the second part of your investment is more definite. Your contractor and permits you need are coming at a certain price.

    Good contractor is almost like a good moving company. There are a lot of them, but it is important to find reliable and to avoid scams. Always look for recommendations, the best ones are by word of mouth, as they say. That is the best possible recommendation.

    Another thing to do before you start to remodel is to find suitable Manhattan storage for your kitchen stuff.

    Remove everything so you don’t have to think about dishes, appliances, and other fragile and breakable belongings. A storage unit is the easiest and safest way to keep everything and avoid any damage. You can pack your kitchen in one day.

    Update your kitchen cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets show the style of your kitchen, the style you like. They will set the mood and improve the general effect. Custom kitchen cabinets will look expensive and unique. Or if you have a kitchen with a steep roof or any kind of difficult architectural design.

    You will use most of your space by making fitted kitchen cabinets. Of course, it will cost you much more than simple store-bought cabinets. 

    Invest in new modern appliances

    New black or inox appliances will look chic. They will be adding a great deal to update your NYC kitchen. Needless to say that it will make your cooking easier and more appealing. You could buy a stovetop, oven, and microwave separate and install them wherever suits you the best. Place them at eye level for best result. It is better to have a stovetop right next to your working surface, countertop.

    Modern kitchen appliances will update your NYC kitchen
    Modern appliances will completely change the look of your kitchen for better

    Countertops that are made from stone, marble or other durable materials are much more expensive than those made from false wood, like laminate. They are an investment that will last almost a lifetime. Also, they require more delicate maintenance. If you don’t plan to use your kitchen for cooking, you don’t have to buy the latest expensive appliances. Take out food doesn’t need the best oven or stovetop, just a good microwave.

    Invest in good lighting

    A well thought out lighting is one thing that will make your kitchen look glamorous or plain and simple. If you use more spotlights plus main light source, your kitchen will be beautiful and inviting. Instead of having just one chandelier you could install spotlights or LED lights above your counters and stovetop. Besides the charm, they are helpful as well. You will be able to see better when you are cooking. Plan where you want to put those lights before you finish electrical installations.

    Smart storage is crucial for small kitchen

    Remodeling is a perfect time to think about storage options. New York apartments usually have small or tiny kitchens. Even though it is difficult to update your NYC kitchen when you don’t have enough space, there are some tricks to do so. First, you have to create storage space everywhere you can. This means that you use up even the most narrow space like between fridge and counters. Make a fitted shelving unit with wheels and easily pull it out when needed. If it is narrow use it for spices or oils.

    Kitchen island storage
    A kitchen island is an excellent storage, besides serving a purpose it looks beautiful as well

    Foldable furniture is another good solution for small spaces. If your kitchen is also a dining area you can get a foldable table with chairs and keep them folded when you are not eating.

    Choose a good contractor

    This final step should actually be first in order. When you need to update your NYC kitchen you must hire good and experienced contractors. Before you hire them just make sure you are on the same page. Sometimes they have excellent references but you don’t think that they understand exactly what you want.

    Blueprints of house
    Ask a contractor to present a plan before you hire them to update your NYC kitchen

    Don’t feel obligated to hire them just because of their references. They should understand what look you want to achieve in order to help you. Also, make sure that they have the right level of expertise and knowledge. 


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