5 ways to secure your new home after moving

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    Getting a new home is like a puzzle and often one piece is missing. The missing piece usually is money and sometimes it could be free time or inadequate offers. Because of this, it might take many years of hard work and dedication to get the home of your dreams. Finally, you moved to the new home and your items arrived from packing and moving companies NYC. In the middle of unpacking, the last thing on your mind is the security of the new home. However, the unpacking period is the most common time when burglaries happen. Still unfamiliar house, many people going in and out and many boxes represent ideal situations for unwanted guests. So, don’t waste your  time and wait for something bad to happen before you do something for the security of your home and family. Here are 5 ways to secure your new home after moving. 

    Check your doors and windows when you want to secure your new home after moving 

    When movers from the Upper East Side moving company are unloading your packed items, you will have some free time on your hands. You can use that free time to check doors in your new home. See if your exterior doors have a strong frame and protected hinges. Additionally, check locks on the door, add more protection like deadbolt and strike plate. If you want more modern security, you can install a smart lock or a video doorbell. 

    When you do move-in cleaning, you can check all the windows and their latches. The windows should close properly. It is a prerequisite so that latches can be closed firmly. If you find any of them broken or flimsy, you must change them. You can also reinforce your glass with window security film, install bars or glass break sensors. 

    person holding a phone
    You should consider installing a smart lock

    Meet your new neighbors and install a home security system 

    It’s not uncommon these days to do a long-distance house hunting. This can be a reason for not knowing your new neighborhood and neighbors until the day you move in. You might not think but getting to know your neighbors is a good security tip. They can help you with anything suspicious since they are more familiar with the surroundings. Also, when you make a friend, you will have extra eyes to watch over your house. 

    The most modern way for protecting your new house is to install a quality home security system. You can find different types of security systems. It all depends on your needs. You can install the basic one with self-monitoring, or a more sophisticated one with company-monitored security and police alert. 

    cameras on the wall
    24/7 surveillance is always a smart solution

    Other basic steps you can take for securing your new home 

    It’s always better to be safe than sorry and this also implies when you want to secure your new home after moving. Here are a few everyday steps you can use. 

    • Have proper lighting around your house 
    • Trim bushes and trees in front of doors and windows 
    • Don’t let mail or newspapers pile up in your mailbox 
    • Get a dog.
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