5 summer home maintenance tasks to remember

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    With the summer just around the corner, time could not be more perfect for you to spruce up your home. Good weather will make all the jobs around and outside the place much easier. So, why not use this opportunity to tackle some of those summer home maintenance tasks that are bound to make the house shine again. We offer a helping hand in a means of a list that follows. It will help with focusing on the chores that make a big impact and create the most noticeable difference.

    1. Awaken the Michelangelo in you

    Depending on the work you are willing to put in this task, touching-up on the exterior paint can make a truly significant difference. You can opt for re-coloring solely the wooden work on your windows, and still be amazed at the ‘pop’ it gives. Why stop there? You can continue with the rails on your front porch. Perhaps adding another detail here and there. Before you know it, your home will restore its former glow. Don’t forget that the option of re-painting your whole home is always open. If you are struggling with recalling the exact color of your home, a paint professional might have an idea. Stop by your local paint store and ask if he could come out and help you with finding the perfect match.

    A collor pallette
    If picking out colors is not your strongest suit, do not restrain from asking advice.

    2. Taking care of the eyes to the house

    One of the summer home maintenance tasks that will be equally noticeable from both inside and outside, is the washing of your windows. And, since summer brings warm weather, this makes it a perfect time to start scrubbing. If this is your first time relocating to Manhattan, you will notice how residents don’t have the habit of washing their windows from the outside. Why not set an example with your own home? All you need is a bucket with hot soapy water and a sponge. If you are as busy as a bee and manage to wash your windows more than once a year, getting away with just using Windex might be an option. Still, trusty old soap and sponge will almost indisputably deliver the best result. Make sure to take off all your window screens, and gently scrub them. If you so happen to stumble upon a window screen that is too filthy to be cleaned, you will probably want to replace them.

    3. Know where you step, and make sure the trail is clean

    Another one of those summer home maintenance tasks you ought to remember includes cleaning and inspecting the patio, driveway, and walkways. Nothing makes a home less inviting than a messy walkway. So, in order to make your home more welcoming, you should start with cleaning it first. We suggest that you use a pressure washer for such a job. Still, before you turn your pressure washer on, it would be wise to check if there are any cracks and weeds. Once the inspection is over and all is deemed good, wash away all that has been lingering on those trails for the past year. When it comes to the patio and your backyard, there might be a bigger job awaiting. Still, it will pay off. Presuming that you have safely stored your patio furniture, your job will consist of washing the wooden surface. As for the backyard, it’s time to bring out the lawnmower. Make sure that there are no surprises waiting for you in the grass. These can be anything from live creatures to big and hazardous branches. Do a bit of scoping around before you get to business.

    A nice looking home with a clean driveway
    At least one of your summer home maintenance tasks needs to be about cleaning your walkway. It really makes the place look more tidy and welcoming.

    4. One of the summer home maintenance tasks that isn’t necessarily just a summer chore

    While we are all aware of the importance of keeping your kitchen clean, many neglect the necessity of cleaning the garbage disposal as well as the dishwasher. For the former, know that it is easily done with simply flushing it with hot water and some dish soap. As for the latter, add 2 cups of vinegar to the bottom of the machine and run the machine on a low wash. As mentioned in the subtitle, this isn’t an official summer home maintenance chore, yet it still needs to be done once in a while. So, while you are elbow deep in making your home livable again, why not tend to these useful objects. Simply imagine living without them and the motivation for cleaning will find its way to you in no time.

    5. No one likes it, yet it has to be done

    Even reputable Clinton moving company can tell you that attics and basement have a certain off-putting aura to them. Although they are doing wonders for your claustrophobia, they still need tending to. At least once a year. So, muster up some courage, and have a thorough inspection. When going to the attic, all with the trembling hand holding a flashlight, know what you are to expect. You are looking for any indication of pests or insects, water leakage, mold or mildew. In addition, it would be wise to turn off the lights at some point. No, this is not to cause you a heart attack. It is rather useful when it comes to checking for any sign of peeking daylight. As for the basement, any indication of pests or insects, water leakage, mold, and mildew is also best caught early. Dig deep and thoroughly in order to sleep easier at night, knowing that you are the only inhabitant of your summer home.

    A little mouse munching on some food
    Although cute, when they multiply, mice can cause more harm than good.

    Other than these five summer home maintenance tasks, feel free to add anything that seems logical. We suggest wiping down and cleaning baseboards. It seems redundant, yet it is something you want to do at least once a year to keep dust and dirt from building up. You can also clean your air conditioner filter and check your furnace filter. It would be wise to take some time and inspect the hoses to your washer, dehumidifier, dishwasher, icemaker, toilets, and refrigerator for any signs of leaks, cracking or wear and tear. As you can see, the chores are many. Yet remember, The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’

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