5 principles of minimalist interior design

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    Trends in interior designs are constantly changing. The trend that was very popular for many years was all about being the bigger the better and it applied to every inch of the house. However, in more recent years, the trend has gradually transitioned from grand to a more minimalist approach. Many people mistake minimalist interior design for an empty room with one couch and that’s not true. The minimalist design put the accent on the simplicity and monochromatic color with clean lines. Therefore, combined with open space, good lighting, and functional furniture, and you get a perfect home with calming vibes. When you relocate to a new home with help from movers Manhattan NYC, you should consider this as a way of design. Minimalist design in your home can make you try living a more simple life where you can find joy in small things. 

    Clean lines and bare essentials are the key focus in minimalist interior design 

    Bare essentials or minimalist approach focus heavily on the form, light, and texture. All these things are usually paired with open concepts to create perfect harmony for living. In this concept, there is no over the top decorations. Instead, there are a few details that became the main focus of the room and help to bring everything in perfect harmony. For this reason, you can achieve all this with beautiful artwork or pictures when you are relocating to Manhattan. 

    For the clean lines, you should focus on furniture with a flat and smooth surface with strong and clean lines. This furniture should exude practicality and functionality instead of excessive decorations. Additionally, the focus should be quality over quantity and everything with that form should be put in short term storage Manhattan. 

    white bedroom
    Use neutral colors for your rooms

    What kind of colors you should use  

    You can use this design as an idea for redecorating after the kids move out. Get familiar with is monochromatic colors. A monochromatic color scheme uses colors that include white, beige, and grey to create the desired effect. These colors may bring the feeling of a more open and wider space with an elegant and bright atmosphere. Also, with these colors, the spotlight is put on the before mentioned clean lines of furniture. 

    If you are not careful, your home could become too sterile and feel like a hospital. Even if bright colors are not welcomed in the color scheme for walls, they are desired for small details in the room. Therefore, you will create an effect of warmth in the room and avoid too sterile feeling. For this, you can use bright colored pillows, blankets, or a lamp. 

    pink flowers on the white table
    Use splashes of colors to bring warmth to your rooms

    What other rules you should follow for this type of interior design 

    There are a few key rules you should follow for real minimalist interior design. However, for some parts, you can have creative freedom. 

    • Play with textures – you can use materials like bamboo, metallic wall, glass, pottery, cloth, and canvas. 
    • Use natural light – using natural light will bring the best of your décor 
    • Bring nature to your home – you can have a part of nature in your home with house plants or fresh flowers 
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