4 ways to keep your kids entertained during the move

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    Relocation is a stressful and challenging event. You might have found a perfect apartment in NYC, and you found the right neighborhood. But packing your whole home, preparing your kids for moving – that can be stressful. Besides finding an apartment you need to find a reliable Nomad moving company and schedule your moving day. But, the big question is how to keep your kids entertained during the move? There are some tricks and there are different and easy ways to do this. Keeping them entertained will make the relocation much easier!

    If you want to keep your kids entertained during the move you need to talk with them first

    Preparing your kids for relocation is the most important thing. Keeping them entertained during the moving day will be easy after you talk with them. You need to include them in the relocation in some way. Maybe, you can pack kids’ room with them, or paint the boxes for labeling. You need to talk with them, ask them about their opinions. Ask them how they feel about the relocation. And also, ask them what they would like to do on a moving day. That way, you will know what they want and you will be able to make plans very easily.

    mother talking with kids
    If you talk with your kids before the move, everything will be easier

    Decide about hiring a babysitter

    One of the things that you should consider on a moving day is hiring a babysitter. If you have younger kids, or if you are moving with a newborn hiring professional help might be the best choice. You will be able to focus on the relocation, and on any possible last-minute task. If you are not comfortable with hiring a babysitter you can ask your friends and family to look after your kids. Or, if you think that this can be overwhelming for your kids, you can ask them to take your kids to the park or to a cinema. Sometimes it might be wise to keep them out of the house. That way you will be able to keep your kids entertained during the move. And you will feel relaxed.

    You can keep your kids entertained during the move with moving day safe room

    This can be one of the great ways to keep your kids happy during the relocation. Also, you do not need a lot of items or anything that might make the relocation complicated. You can create their little moving bundle. And you can place some new books, crayons, coloring books and small toys in it. It will be fun and it will be all new to them. It can keep the kids entertained for a long time during the relocation. Also, you can keep a small cooler with some drinks, snacks.

    crayons will help to keep your kids entertained during the move
    Get new crayons and a coloring book to help your kids have fun

    Also, you can make a little tent with sleeping bags that you can later easily pack and hand it to your Manhattan movers. It doesn’t require a lot of space nor planning. And it will be a fun activity for your kids during the move.

    Play different fun games

    One of the best ways to keep your kids entertained and relaxed during the relocation is to find a couple of fun games that you all like. It can be a deck of cards or some application your phone. You can use this as a way to pass time and even connect with your kids. You can also play quizzes and learn something new. Depending on how much time you will need to arrive at your new home, you should make sure to have additional batteries and that all of your electronics devices have a full battery.

    Make sure you have enough books

    Books are always a great option to help your kids during the move. They are a great way to help to pass the time. You can either buy a couple of new books for your kids. Or you can help them pick a few books while packing. If you have toddlers that are still not very interested in reading, you can get them picture books that will keep them entertained during the move. This is a rather easy way to make sure that your kids are having fun on a moving day.

    kid with a book
    Books are a great way to keep your kids entertained

    If you have a backyard it will be easy to keep your kids entertained during the move

    If you have a backyard or a front yard, we can assure you that it will be fairly easy to keep your kids entertained. You can give them a ball to play with. And you can participate to take a break so you can stay relaxed during the move. Also, you can organize a dance party or something similar. All you need is your phone, a little imagination and you can help your kids to have fun on a move. If you have toys that they can play even better. It will be a fun and relaxed relocation, and it will lower stress.

    Take a walk

    Although the moving day is a very busy and stressful day, you need to take a moment and take a walk with your kids. Simply, take a stroll around your old neighborhood. Maybe visit some of your favorite places, get ice cream or lunch. It is good for you and for the kids to take a step away from the stress that the relocation will cause. This will help you to prepare for your fresh start in Manhattan as well. You and your kids will feel much better after a walk and some fresh air.

    family walking in the street to keep your kids entertained during the move
    A simple walk will help a lot

    Your kids should unpack first

    Moving to a new place is a big adjustment for the kids. So you need to do your best and make them feel important and happy, and help them create the first and positive memory in their new home. You can help them unpack some of their boxes first. That way, they will have something familiar around them and they will feel better. Also, the whole unpacking process will be much easier and they will help you!

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