4 roommate horror stories to avoid

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    Living with roommates could be easy, especially if you know which roommate horror stories to avoid. For people who live in large cities, having roommates is almost a must. The first thing you should do before moving to New York is to find reliable long distance movers NYC. Then, you should look for a good and cheap apartment. It is not hard, though. For most people, it could be even less expensive if they share costs with roommates.

    However, having roommates may mean a lot of problems. People who live with one or more roommates know that this experience can be a devastating one. There are situations when they pay even more to compensate the damage caused by the roommate. We do not know people who live with us, so those situations are possible. If you are not careful, the whole roommate experience could turn into a nightmare.

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    It is always cheaper to share your space with another person

    You can start off on the right foot if you know what roommate horror stories to avoid

    Although many people have a terrible experience with roommates, most of them will never recommend living without roommates as it will reduce the costs of living. Thanks to their help, we will be able to have a good adaptation time in New York. They will help u make new friends, or show the city in the first days. So, do not hesitate to find roommates after moving to New York.

    • Rents are high in New York – it is difficult to pay monthly rent in New York even with a great job so you will surely benefit a lot if you move in with a roommate.
    • It is good to have somebody nearby after moving to a large city – roommates will help you avoid all possible problems and beat loneliness;
    • You can have a great friendship – even TV shows talk about the great bond between people who share a living space.
    • Roommates help each other in many situations – however, if you need a proper help to move to New York you should hire a good company such as West Village movers;
    • Thanks to them you will be more self-confident – you will not be afraid of situations that may happen in a new city.

    Sharing living costs

    It is excellent if you can share the costs with somebody after moving. You will sustain high expenses after interstate moving, and you should save money whenever you can. Having a roommate is always the right way to put some money aside.

    A fresh start in a new city

    You can feel much more comfortable in a large city with somebody who already has experience. Maybe your roommate started living here a long time ago. Share your fears and thoughts with him/her. If you are worried about the size of the apartment, use storage service and leave things there.

    New friendships

    It is hard to make friendships in a new city, especially if it is as large as New York. You should have a person who will help you move on. It could be the beginning of a great friendship that will change your life. They will introduce you to their friends, and a few months later, you will have a new circle of friends.

    Beware of roommate horror stories to avoid

    Share costs equally

    It is essential to define your costs and share them from the beginning. The two of you should reach an agreement from the very beginning so you invest equally in your new household.

    Is your roommate a reliable person?

    You should have a roommate who will help you in every situation. If you cannot rely on him/her, you should change the apartment. Ideally you will have a friend next door, not only a roommate.

    Two persons at the balcony
    You can have great time with your roommates

    Which are the scariest roommate scenarios that could happen?

    After researching this matter, we could say that problems with roommates are almost the same in every situation. Although there are many different people around us, the issues with them are similar. We should prepare for those problems and avoid them on time. When it comes to the problems, do not forget that you will sleep, eat, and share costs with potentially problematic people.

    Lazy roommate

    It is a real nightmare if you live with a person who doesn’t keep his/her end of the bargain. As a result, you may start hating your apartment or even avoiding it. Things could be cute, and you can accept them with a smile sometimes. However, certain behavior is unacceptable and you shouldn’t tolerate any rude acts.

    Inviting guests too often

    It is excellent if you have a roommate who is a very sociable person. You will make new friendships from the beginning. However, it could be seriously wrong. You can have an apartment full of strange people who stay overnight from time to time. Even worse is if your roommate has a partner who has almost moved in.

    Living with somebody could be a beginning of a great friendship

    Your roommate is not able to share living costs

    One of the reasons to have a roommate is to share costs. It could be problematic if you find a person without a job or money to share the costs. In that way, you will have another person to support. Not only that, but it is also an additional expense that you cannot afford in the first place. You can have a real problem with that person.

    Weird persons

    One of the scariest roommate horror stories to avoid is to live with a weird person who has strange interests. Sometimes they could have strange habits and do something that you will not like. It could be very dangerous sometimes, while a person with these symptoms could be seriously ill.

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