4 reasons to consider moving from Manhattan to Staten Island

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    NYC is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. But what part of the city to choose? What if you do not like the concrete jungle anymore? There is a borough you might overlook that is right in front of you. This often forgotten and ignored borough is Staten Island. This part of the city has a lot to offer and you should consider moving from Manhattan to Staten Island.

    Moving from urban to suburban area– moving from Manhattan to Staten Island

    Manhattan is well known around the world for its urban and fast lifestyle. Many people like this active and loud lifestyle. But this lifestyle is not for all people. Some people just want to live a more quiet and suburban life. Well, if you are one of these people, you should consider moving from Manhattan to Staten Island. This is a great move for people that want to start a family. Living in an apartment in the busiest part of the city that never sleeps with a family with kids is not perfect. This is why Staten Island is one of the best parts of NYC for families. There are parts of Staten Island that offer that urban feel that New York is well known for too, but you have the option of a more suburban lifestyle here.

    A house
    Staten Island offers a suburban lifestyle you simply can’t find in Manhattan or any other part of NYC

    Staten Island is cheaper than Manhattan

    Manhattan is a great place for active people that want an active lifestyle. There is a bustling nightlife and there is always something going on. All these things increase the prices in Manhattan. This means the home prices and the rent is very high. If you want to live in NYC but not spend a fortune to have a roof over your head, you should consider moving from Manhattan to Staten Island. You will be able to get a bigger place in Staten Island for the same price you pay for a smaller place in Manhattan. This is great if you feel crowded at your current apartment in Manhattan. If this type of relocation intrigues you, look for Manhattan moving companies. These companies will help you organize your relocation from Manhattan to Staten Island. This will make your relocation much easier.

    Money, consider moving from Manhattan to Staten Island if you want to save money on rent
    Real estate costs are lower in Staten Island than in Manhattan

    Staten Island is getting a lot more investments

    Staten Island is known to some people as a forgotten borough. Well, it seems it is not forgotten anymore since there are a lot more investments right now. This means that prices will go up very soon. There are a lot of great landmarks in Staten Island already like Staten Island Mall. The cuisine in Staten Island is also very well known. This borough is also great for people who want to have more outdoor activities. You will not be too far from Manhattan so you will not be too far from your old home. You can even store some of your old stuff at Manhattan storage units. Your stuff will be close to your new home this way so you will have no worries.

    a girl standing on the road
    If you are a fan of outdoors activities and you want to escape the concrete jungle consider moving to Staten Island

    Commuting is much different in Staten Island

    Commuting in Manhattan is much different than commuting is Staten Island. You will use subways, buses, cabs in Manhattan. In Staten Island, car ownership is much more common. Yes, you can own a car in Manhattan but you will have a tough time parking, driving, etc. This is not the case in Staten Island. Owning a car and driving is much more important here. Some people see this as a downside, but people who love cars see it as a giant upside. You will also need to use the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan. This is free. Again, some people do not like this, but it is very hard to see riding a ferry and seeing the Statue of Liberty, the beauty of lower Manhattan as a downside. Many people would pay to ride a ferry.

    A ferry
    You will have to ride a ferry to Manhattan which most people see as an upside since it is free

    Moving from Manhattan to Staten Island

    If you decide that moving from Manhattan to Staten Island is right for you, it’s time to start the preparations. This is not a long-distance move so you don’t have too much to worry about. Yes, if you procrastinate, you will have a bad time, this is a fact that comes with every type of relocation. Preparing for relocation at the last minute is no easy task. But if you take your time and start your preparations early, you will have no problems. If you have to pack under pressure, it is a good idea to hire professional movers. If you want to save money you can get help from friends but they are much more unreliable, this is one of the biggest downsides of friends moving you. They might damage your things and slow down the move. If things go wrong you can even expect injuries.

    If you are getting bored of the concrete jungle of Manhattan, but you still want to be close to your family and friends, you should consider moving from Manhattan to Staten Island. This way you can live that suburban lifestyle that you are looking for while you are still close to your old home. Not to mention all the interesting things you can do on Staten Island. We hope this article helps you see all the benefits of moving to Staten Island from Manhattan.

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