4 best places to move from NYC for a fresh start

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    If you are done with New York, and you want something different, we have some great propositions for you. We will give you some of the best places to move from NYC if you are serious about making a fresh start. But, there is always a but, before you start looking for places to move make sure to have one of the Manhattan storage units for all the items you will have to store away until you settle down in a new town. So, with no further ado, let’s see what are the best places to move from NYC and start fresh.

    Some of the best places to move from NYC

    Let’s start with the town number one. If you are to move from New York for love, for a job, or simply because you feel like it, you should try out Miami. This place is different from New York, in a lot of ways, so if your goal is to go away from New York, Miami can be the answer. The first thing that you will enjoy is the ocean. I think that is enough to win you over, but wait, there is more. Miami is also vastly known for an awesome nightlife but it also has a gentle side.

    If you were to move to Miami with your family, there are some great schools, parks, and family neighborhoods. So, basically, Mimi can offer a lot. When it comes to the financial aspect of moving to Miami, think of it this way: If you were fine, financially wise living in New York, you will be fine in Miami as well. It is not cheap to live there but it is possible. Also, finding a job shouldn’t really be a problem. It may take a while but you will get there.


    As you may guess, the next city we have in mind is Washington. It definitely goes under the best places to move from NYC for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons why you should move to this city is because there is a number of great job opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur, a businessman, or simply looking for a great chance to create a great career then there is no better option than Washington. Another thing that this city has, is the fact that you won’t need to worry about moving company in case you need it. Because Washington has a lot of reliable moving companies. On another note, there are more awesome things about this city. You can always have some great outdoor activity, there is always something to do. So, think about Washington, it can only be good.

    If you are in pursuit of business opportunities, go to Washington

    New Jersey

    Another city to move from New York is nearer than you thought. We are talking about New Jersey. It is very close to New York, so you don’t have to move far away and in case you start missing New York, it is an hour away. This is not the only advantage that New Jersey has, of course, there is more. One very important difference between New York and New Jersey, and one of the main reasons why we are giving New Jersey the third place among the best places to move from NYC is that living in New Jersey is cheaper and it has pretty much everything that New York has.

    New Jersey
    If you do not want to go too far, New Jersey is the place for you

    Also, as we mentioned already, New York is an hour, maybe two, away from New Jersey. So, in case you are missing it, just go for a visit. Also, New Jersey has awesome restaurants, dinners, and anything you can wish for in hospitality. Side note: New Jersey is very welcoming and friendly.

    Last but not least out of the best places to move from NYC

    The last city that we will mention for now as a proposition for moving from New York, is its majesty, San Francisco. This city is definitely one of the greatest cities that you can choose to move to. Its appearance in TV shows and movies doesn’t do him justice. It is even better and prettier when you go there. One of the biggest reasons why a huge number of people are moving to this city is, you won’t believe it, but it is food. San Francisco is widely known for its cuisine.

    San Francisco
    The best opportunities on the West Coast are in San Francisco

    Another plus for San Francisco as if the food wasn’t enough, is the artistic feeling you get when you go there. On the downside, living in San Francisco is not cheap whatsoever. So, if you do not have a job waiting for you there upon your arrival, it will be good to wait until you find one, and just then move. Unless you have savings for exactly this opportunity.

    Moving from NYC made easy

    Once you move from NYC, at first it can be really strange. Mostly because there is no city like New York. Not even a similar one. So, it will take time. We have mentioned four best places to move from NYC:

    These cities are big and loud. If you were thinking about moving to a smaller town from NYC then there is even more of getting used to things to do. Smaller cities are different from New York in so many ways to even count. So, keep that in mind.

    Moving to a different city is not easy. So, once you choose a town and you move there it is normal to feel uncomfortable for a while. Do not think that it will be like that forever. You will learn to love the city you are in, in no time. Give yourself a chance and time and everything will be good!

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