What to do with a piano during remodeling?

Home remodeling is a wonderful thing. You will introduce new pieces of furniture, paint walls, expand your living room, or do something entirely different and unique. But while remodeling, you must secure the environment and items inside your home. One of those expensive and special items is a piano. If you do not know what to do with a piano during remodeling, we are here to help you. Let us help you organize, protect your piano, and find reliable piano movers in Manhattan to help you with piano relocation. You must be ready for all scenarios so let’s dive right into it.

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Thrilling things you can do only in Tribeca

You have decided on moving to Manhattan and Tribeca. Great choice! It offers a unique mix of historic charm, artistic energy, and modern luxury. But there are quite a few hidden gems in Tribeca as well. Today, we will help you find them and cover all the thrilling things you can do only in Tribeca. Let’s take a look.

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What to do with moving boxes in Manhattan after moving

Moving is a task where you have to be as prepared as possible. One of the most important tasks that you have to do is find all the necessary packing supplies, especially when you are relocating to Manhattan, NYC. Even though it can be a difficult task, it is not usually that hard for most people. Once the move ends, you will be left with all those supplies and moving boxes. What to do with moving boxes in Manhattan? Are there ways to use them? Learn how to utilize those moving boxes when your local movers Manhattan has finish the job and you are in your new home. Let’s see how to make the most of those boxes in your new place! Continue reading “What to do with moving boxes in Manhattan after moving”

Where to eat in Manhattan’s Chinatown

Chinatown is a well-known part of Manhattan and for a good reason. Not only is it popular among Manhattan’s Asian residents, but it’s popular with everyone else, too. It’s mainly popular because of its many eateries which people love to visit. If you just moved in with a NYC moving company like Heart Moving, you might want to try something new. That’s why we’ll tell you where to eat in Manhattan’s Chinatown whenever you want!

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First things to do after moving from Yorkville to West Village

Moving to a new place is a big change. Even if your new home is just 6 miles away, you still have to uproot your whole life. Moving from Yorkville to West Village is a move like this, where you will stay within NYC. Living here is a dream for many people, and you get to experience another part of this great city. But moving will leave you not knowing what to do once Heart Moving Manhattan drops you off at your new home. Luckily, those 60 million tourists in NYC each year come for a reason – endless entertainment opportunities!

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Funniest Greenwich Village Comedy Clubs

From the Beats to LGBTQ rights, New York’s most bohemian neighborhood has produced some significant historical moments. It also has a variety of beloved institutions as well as a spirit unlike any other. Every day, creative New Yorkers go to Washington Square Park to share their art and music with the rest of the globe. Greenwich Village is a nightlife hotspot thanks to its comedy clubs and superb restaurants. If you just moved in with the help of the Heart Moving NYC company, they probably already mentioned a couple of the funniest Greenwich Village comedy clubs in the area. If not, in the text below you can find view suggestions.

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Upper East Side vs Upper West Side: What’s the difference?

Even though Manhattan is just one island, each and every neighborhood in NYC is different. For example, Upper East Side vs Upper West Side are different. So if you’re considering moving to NYC with the help of local movers Manhattan, you’ll need to understand the differences between the two neighborhoods. That’s why we’ve made an article to cover everything so keep reading to find out more.


When you’re comparing Upper East Side vs Upper West Side transport, there aren’t too many differences between the two. There used to be two subway lines on the Upper West Side and only one subway line on the Upper East Side. However, with the competition of the Second Avenue subway, that isn’t the case anymore. The Q train connects the Lower East Side to Midtown, Brooklyn, and Upper East Side. With so many subways available from both neighborhoods, you can access work and home easily whether you are going downtown or Midtown.

Traffic in the Upper East Side.
The transport is pretty much the same with both neighborhoods offering amazing subway lines.


Before you call Upper West Side movers to move you to your new NYC home, you’ll need to know about the housing in these neighborhoods. When it comes to home prices, they’re pretty much the same. According to Realtor, the median listing home price is $1.6 million in both neighborhoods. However, renting is more expensive in the Upper West Side. The median rent for a studio apartment in the Upper West side Is around $4.200. On the other hand, the median rent for a similarly sized apartment in the Upper East Side is $3.500.

Fashion and Shopping

Even though there are high-end shopping hotspots in both neighborhoods, Upper East Side offers some of the most luxurious boutiques in the entire New York City. These include Hermes, Chanel, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and many others. On the other side, the Upper West Side is targeted toward the mass market. You’ll find the best shopping opportunities at St Columbus Circle and Columbus Avenue. Some of the best boutiques here include Club Monaco, Swarowski, J. Crew, and Michael Kors.

Food Scene

The food scene in Upper East Side vs Upper West Side differs mostly in price and exclusivity, yet both neighborhoods are equally important in making NYC one of the best dining destinations in the world. If you’re considering moving to the city, it’s worth noting that you only need to hire Upper East Side movers only once because both neighborhoods have amazing food options.

A restaurant in Upper East Side.
Both Upper East Side and Upper West Side have great food scenes.

The Upper West Side is known for its bakeries, charming bistros, coffee shops, and family-friendly restaurants. Amsterdam Avenue is an affordable dining spot with great food quality. But also you can find high-end eateries such as The Ribbon and RedFarm there.

On the other hand, the Upper East Side has smaller bistros, cafes, and even specialty bagel shops such as H&H. It’s mostly populated by students and families. The food scene in the neighborhood is more fashionable and upscale. The most exclusive high-end restaurants are The Plo Bar and Daniel.

Upper East Side vs Upper West Side – the choice is yours

Upper East Side vs Upper West Side neighborhoods offer different lifestyles and experiences. It will depend on your preferences as to what neighborhood you want to move to with the help of Heart Moving Manhattan. Whether you prefer family-friendly restaurants or high-end boutiques, both of these have something for everyone.

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