Make your NYC home appear bigger like a pro

There is never enough space, especially if your place is not as big as you wish it were. But on the other hand, there are many ways to make your NYC home appear bigger. And you don’t have to break a bank to achieve this. It just takes a little imagination, effort and time. Here are some tips and tricks to do it like a pro.

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How to pack a motorcycle for relocation

You might ask yourself, what are the situations when you need to pack a motorcycle for relocation? After all, a motorcycle is a great vehicle that you can use to reach your destination, right? Well, not necessarily. There are types of moving where you cant simply use your bike to get to your destination. Moving overseas, for example. Or, moving with a family. In these cases, you will need to prepare and pack your motorcycle for transport. This comes with certain precautions. To help you get your bike ready for relocation and to make sure it reaches the destination safe and sound, we have compiled this article. So, read on and enjoy!

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Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn stress-free

Are you thinking about moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn and wondering how to do it in the best way possible? Then you are in the right place. Relocation is one of the most stressful life events and requires a lot of energy and time for accomplishing every task. That should not worry you, because the key to successful moving is in good organization. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to prepare everything up front and have a stress-free relocation.

Why moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is a good idea?

Whatever the reason for your relocation is, you will not make a mistake by choosing Brooklyn for your new living place. Living in Manhattan can be very dynamic, and for some people moving out of Manhattan can bring more peace and satisfaction. Brooklyn is one of the fastest-growing boroughs in NYC, that provides plenty of life opportunities. Even vibrant and alive, everyone can enjoy its serene side. What makes this place wonderful for a living are not just good schools, colleges and plenty of job opportunities. It is the sense of community, in all Brooklyn neighborhoods. With a less pretentious nightlife, big and less-crowded parks, spots for art lovers, it can pretty much suit everyone needs.

Brooklyn street
Brooklyn can provide a nice and peaceful life

Make a good moving plan

All events of this type require careful preparation and planning. To decrease the level of stress during the process of relocation, it is essential to have everything plan up front. That is an easier way to avoid mistakes and overlaps that can cause you headaches. The first thought that should be on your mind is making a moving checklist, which can lead you throughout this adventure. Take into consideration all the tasks that should be covered and prioritize them. Setting your moving date on time should be on the top of the list. The process of moving requires a time to invest, so set your moving date a few months before the moving day. You will not be under pressure, each segment will be arranged properly, and you will have more free time.

Moving is time and energy- consuming job, but also entails an investment of a higher amount of money. This can be more frustrating if you are moving on a budget. That is the reason why making a budget plan is a necessary part, which should have high importance. Calculate all the expenses of moving, check where you can save money, and set the budget. That way you will be able to monitor the flow of your money and not cross the limits.

Choose a reliable moving company for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

What can bring the most peace while you are moving is hiring reliable movers. It is not an easy job to choose a moving company that is affordable, yet professional. It is important to do research and check reviews from previous customers. Find one that has extensive experience in the moving industry, such as Upper West side movers. A team of experienced people will take the utmost care of your belongings. With a different kind of services that they are providing, you can have a full-service arrangement. That implies- more time for taking care of about you and your family.

moving truck on the road
Choose the right moving company

Declutter your home and pack your belongings

Packing is probably the most tiresome job of all, where strategic thinking can be a great helper. Before you start packing of your possessions, it is crucial to declutter your home. Sort out things that are going with you, and those that you are not using anymore. The number of your belongings will have an impact on the moving charges. So, the lower expenses will be if you downsize the items that you are relocating. You are now presumably questioning what to do with all the things that you will not carry. There are several excellent options, such as selling, recycling, and the best one- donating. A storage unit is a perfect option in case you would like to save them.

After making a decision what to pack, be ready for dealing with moving boxes, and different types of packing material. To avoid possible packing mistakes, our recommendation is to pack one room at the time and to label each box. Unpacking will be much smoother if you know which box goes to which room. As you, probably, have in possession fragile items, such as glasses, mirrors, vase, etc. use as much bubble wrap as you can. Protect them with extra layers of paper and secure from damages. In case you are not a fan of packing, and it makes you nervous, hire professionals to do that for you.

Take care of yourself while moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Stress is one of the biggest triggers and cause of health issues, in the modern era. Being under pressure to reach the goals, which will provide a decent life, is the root of the stress issues. Even though you can help yourself out by following the above steps, the nervous will not completely subside until you finally settle in, in your new home. Be patient and try to go with the flow. Take a break whenever you need, have the long walks, eat and sleep well. Meditate, go for a running, paint or do whatever makes you happy, and calm. Spend some quality time with your friends, or just stay in bed and watch TV.

Friends having fun
Spend some quality time with your friends

If you have kids, entertain them, show them love and support. Kids are more sensitive, so they can easily feel your energy, both positive and negative. Always have on mind that there is nothing more important than safety and health of you, and your family members.

There are numerous good reasons for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and we mentioned just a few of them. You will have a lot of time to discover each part of it and to have a nice and comfortable life. Do not hesitate to contact us and have a smooth relocation with one of the best Manhattan moving and storage companies. With a professional helping hand, the level of stress will be reduced to the minimum. We wish you the best of luck and a great new beginning.

How to meet your new NYC neighbors

Moving is one of the biggest life challenges, and NYC moving process is particularly demanding. Concrete jungle can be intimidating to all newcomers, but only until they fall in love with it. Meeting new people and adjusting to a new environment is always pushing you out of your comfort zone. But that is where the magic happens, believe me. You will be surprised how fast you will learn to commute, eat well and find your way in Big Apple. And hopefully, these tips will give you ideas on how to meet your new NYC neighbors.

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Cheap bathroom upgrades you can do yourself

Nothing beats a hot bath or a steamy shower after a long day of work, right? Well, almost. A bubble bath in a new bathtub feels so much better than the one in an old, rusty tub. If your bathroom needs renovating, it can be a pricey and long process. Because of this, many people keep putting this project off. That’s why we’re here, to tell you that there are cheap bathroom upgrades you can do completely on your own! You’ll save money by not hiring others to do it, and it’ll be an easy and quick home renovation project. Read on and start planning your new bathroom look!

Bathroom renovation can be quite expensive

Remodeling a bathroom can cost anywhere from $10k to $30k, depending on how extravagant you want to be. If you’re aiming for a luxury spa look, then you’ll have to spend a small fortune on your bathroom project. However, if you only want to freshen up the room, with our tips and tricks you can spend as little as $1000-$3000, or even less. Before you start upgrading, think about how much you can afford. When you come up with a number, then you can start thinking about your options. If you’re on a tight budget, buying a new tub probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, you will give your bathroom a new look by adding a fresh coat of paint or new fixtures.

Ideas for cheap bathroom upgrades

If you’re planning to sell your house or apartment, renovating your bathroom can add to the total value. Even if you don’t spend a lot of money on it, it can look fresher and make or break the sale. No one wants to see rusty old fixtures or dirty tiles. A few cosmetic tweaks can go a long way! Here are a few things you can easily do to make your bathroom feel (and look) like a spa:

Paint the walls

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend, repainting the bathroom walls is the cheapest and easiest ways to freshen it up. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you go out to buy the paint.

  • It’s going to take a while. The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, which is why it’s going to take longer for the paint to dry. Also, you will have a lot to paint around, such as the tub, light fixtures, the vanity, etc.
  • Moisture can be an issue. Mold develops easily in the bathroom, and this is tricky for the paint. If you can, buy a bucket of higher-quality paint with a satin finish. Even if it gets wet (and it most likely will), it will reduce the growth of mold.
  • Buy lighter and brighter paint. If you don’t want your little bathroom to feel claustrophobic, you will paint it in light colors. This will open the space up and make the room feel bigger. Likewise, you should think about using white tiles on walls that aren’t covered in paint.

Update your lighting

You won’t believe what a change a new lightbulb makes! Your choice of lighting can make or break the look of a bathroom. Pick white lights instead of yellow ones, to make the room seem cleaner and brighter. A cheap idea which can make you feel like you’re in a luxury beauty salon: install smaller light fixtures on each side of your vanity mirror. This ensures that you’ll see yourself in the best possible light while getting ready in the morning. Ladies, this kind of lighting is perfect for doing your makeup!

Other cheap bathroom upgrades include new lightbulbs and fixtures.
Adding new light fixtures freshens up your bathroom.

Things you can save money on while renovating a bathroom

It is inevitable that you’ll have to buy something when you’re redoing your bathroom. As much as you want to be minimalistic, it is simply impossible to avoid new purchases. Still, there are things you can do to save some cash while shopping.

Cheap bathroom upgrades can include countertops

Granite countertops can be quite expensive, but when bathroom remodel is in question, things change a bit. Because the counter is so much smaller than the kitchen one, the price of the granite is significantly lower, and you may think you’re saving money. In fact, you’re not. Housing experts, as well as your Clinton movers, know that the popular colors are white, beige and brown. If you don’t mind the color, try buying something which is not as popular, because it will be cheaper. Another way you can save money is by getting granite slabs with imperfections. Hear us out: these slabs are always discounted because of their flaw. Keeping in mind that your sink will probably cover the biggest part of your counter, you can use that to your advantage. Just place the sink where the flaw was in the granite and no one will ever know!

Dark granite is not as popular as white one, so it will be cheaper.
Pick darker colors for your countertops to save money.

Changing little details can make a big difference

When you find yourself in a home improvement store, it is easy to forget your budget and buy a lot of things you actually don’t need. After all, a sale in the bathroom section is what you wish for during the renovation process, but it can be hazardous for your wallet. However, a few little details can completely turn the room around. Small investments such as new drawer knobs, rugs or towel racks (and towels!) can give your bathroom a cool new look.

Cheap bathroom upgrades also mean going green

Saving and protecting the environment is always our main goal. So, when redoing your bathroom, there are inexpensive ways you can make it more eco-friendly. Think about buying low-flow toilets and water-saving shower heads. If you want to be creative, you can re-use your glass jars to turn them into soap dispensers, saving money and reducing your consumption.

Making your bathroom more eco-friendly saves you money in the long run.
Water-saving shower heads are great for the environment.

DIY bathroom remodel is easy to do

Moving to a new place and you want it suited to your preference? It can be done! Even though you may hire expert movers and find an Upper East Side moving company, renovating your bathroom can be a weekend project you can do yourself. Save yourself some cash and test your renovating skills by doing these cheap bathroom upgrades!

What to check before signing a moving contract

Moving can be very hectic. With your life being uprooted to be moved to a new place there are a lot of things to worry about. From how your items are packed and handled to even what to wear on moving day. That’s why it is essential to keep a level head while moving. One of the more pressing issues that will arise during the move will be a cooperation with a moving company. If you choose a reliable moving company, you might not even feel these. However, it’s always smart to check certain things before signing a moving contract. Precisely that will be the topic of this article.

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